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The global village is in an evolutionary shift.

Systems are collapsing and though the breaking point is defined by disease, it is not a singular, clear breaking, we cannot just glue this situation back together. What is occurring is more like the fish bowl shattering, shards of our social systems, shards of our economy, glass needled tips all angled towards some pretty big and uncomfortable self and mass reflection. Not only are the very foundations of our lives crumbling, from the pressures of the economy and the limitations of our health systems, we are breaking at a much deeper level. The entire world is being pressured into a self isolated container of self reflection, like a virus style vipassana. This is a hyper intense mental, emotional, physical and spiritually charged time. It is deeply challenging for all, no matter how much self work we may have done, tools we have accumulated to trust & move through fear, all of our beliefs and ideas of ourselves are being tested.

It is a mass initiation.

We have heard again and again that these are unprecedented times, for indeed they are. We have not faced an epidemic like this for 102 years and what these massive global experiences teach us is to loosen the illusion of control.

The astrological correspondence of Saturn entering Aquarius, is reiterating that this year is to be one of social reorganisation. The destruction and the building of new social structures. To give you a hint at the scale of things, the last time Saturn was in Aquarius it was the Apartheid, before that the Civil Rights Movement and before that The Great Depression.

To create a new world we have to let go of the old one... And that shift was never going to be easy. It is crisis that often brings mass realisations of our true humanity.


The outbreak and rapid spread of Covid 19 is asking many things of us.


It is asking us to recognise and embody the carnal truth of our global village. No matter what judgements, projections and belief systems have tried to convince us we a ‘different’ in class, sex, gender, race, we are in truth, one species.

We touch one another, we share space, air, we breathe into the others lungs, we are constantly in energetic exchange. This truth, though simple, is also unfathomable. The human perception, the mind, the eyes, are so limited that we cannot grasp the greatest energetic and microscopic energies that govern our lives. Our task is to embody this state of awareness, so that this knowledge may become an integrated foundation of more holistic and healthy systems in our world.

The invisible governance of energetic exchange is perfectly mirrored by the bacterial world in which viruses exist. This inability to grasp our unified reality as one continuum, like a dance, a song or an unending conversation, is a core illusion of separation & is being rapidly undone.

Ironically, it is in our isolation that we come to understand just how interconnected we are. All of the material manifestations that fill our spaces and lives are a product of so many minds, hands and hearts that we literally live in a cacophony of other peoples energy. Products and services not only fulfil practical need or desires but their energy feeds our lives.

The microbial reality of our earth by far exceeds the human species.

Expanding our perspectives to the microscopic is the same spiritual and psychological shift that occurs for those in space who look back at our tiny blue planet. Even in our perceived domination of this earth, we are transient, vulnerable, yielding. Zoom out just a little and we are absolutely microscopic in an infinite intelligence of galaxies, we are at the will of the celestial movements. And at that level, we are not separated by nations, states, sexes even skin; we become the energetic body of the earth itself.

Separation creates fertile landscapes for chaos and propels disease. There are many separative belief systems that birth ideologies, though some with good intention, perpetuating the root fracture rather than the whole story. These ideologies often govern how humans move through pivotal moments of our evolution. It is the nature of all of these ‘isms’, capitalism, fundamentalism, industrialism, that keep us stuck in bad habits.

Any approach to our future that does not value, consider, plan for and include the whole - the whole body (mental, emotion, physical, spiritual), the whole planet (human, animal, plant, element, biosphere, celestial awareness), the whole problem lets say, will only bring us more of what we’ve already had. Pain, inequality, desolation, disease, suicide, anxiety, power struggles, just a general exhausting absence of peace.

Though the nature of this outbreak is not by human design (conspiracies aside) the ability of our species to hold itself, help and heal itself, is inextricably dependent upon & speaks volumes of the societies we have created. If we take a look at our education system for example, no where in the curriculum have those elected into governance thought it a priority for its people to learn how to resourcefully feed themselves and maintain health. To grow food, to care for the soil, to learn how to start a fire, or even how to harvest renewable energy.

The systems have detrimentally disempowered its people to deal with times of crisis. Crisis that have been created by the systems themselves. We have become incredibly vulnerable and unskilled, uneducated and disempowered because the systems have relied on our ignorance and the self debilitation that we inhabit from that feeling, to create consumers which feed the systems.

So, change is at our doorsteps. It may not be the collapse we had expected, yet this virus is an agent of truth that has revealed the true crisis, that of authentic, whole hearted, intelligent and visionary leadership. Systems that may better serve ALL people, not just the few.

We can use this time of isolation to reflect upon how we got here, not here as in how the virus started for that is a waste of energy, but how our whole lives and history has led us to this state of world collapse and what role we play in it all.


One thing this virus has gifted us is a sense of radical unification.

There’s has been a subtle, natural dissolution of prejudice, meaning that nature is unbiased and for once this is not an interspecies war. Though there are still those who are pushing the story towards the political and nationalistic regimes of ‘us against them’ whose doing what better and who is to blame, really it is one species against one disease. We are feeling, we are all feeling. 

These changes are creating containers, a hall of mirrors with the ego at the centre. We have no (moral) choice but to surrender our plans, patterns & personal agendas. We have no need for social skins, for excess and pretence. Instead we are being brought to our knees by a shared human experience.

It is the role of the artist to reflect the times. Perhaps, as creativity always heals in hard times, it will become not the side note but the epicentre of our societies once more. How can we individually use this time to reconnect to our own pulsating centre of creativity, our own yearning origin for authentic self connection? 

What do our bodies need to move through this fear?

For me, it is to learn how to actively deep breathe, to ritualise my day & enact constant space clearing and ceremonial re-connection to beauty and nature. Self isolation can be a womb of sacred space, in which self isolation becomes self transformation. Self care, rest, purification, connection and rebirth are the tidal forces at work.

Although these times and teachings are bearing golden apples, it is not so easy for an entire species to sit back, do little and rest in the confines of reflection. The collective consciousness is ripe with fear and that fear does not go unfelt. 

Fear spreads as fast as disease. It is extremely challenging, to stay centred and un-triggered by anxieties and instability. Not only does the energetic environment of fear around corona virus create trepidation around the disease itself, it also is unveiling every place that fear resides inside of us. Money fears, self worth, lonliness and of course, death. We have all but eliminated the conversation around death in our societies and suddenly its as though we are collectively being faced with its reality. If not physical death, there a million tiny deaths of the ego occurring everyday. So all the fear of disease, of death, of loss of control, of isolation, of instability; it is a lot for those who do the self work yet it is monumental for those who don’t.

Everyone is going through a very challenging time and everyone needs a lot of empathy and compassion. We are being challenged to stay seated in self worth and to strike that balance of service and self care. It is a spiritual teaching made manifest, we help others, by helping ourselves. Keeping ourselves isolated and healthy, balanced and calm can at this time actually very tangibly save lives.

And as our financial systems fail us, can we sense the potential of a better way? Most of our planet has been living shackled to this particular system for decades, in un-payable debts and unreasonable work/wellness/life balance. This is definitely a potent time to re-organise and consider an entirely new economy.

What if we were all given a universal basic income? This is a payment given by the government to everyone in a country, enough to provide financial security for the cost of living. In 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. said a guaranteed income would abolish poverty. For ever increasing technology, robotics, 3D printing, AI, many people are going to lose many more jobs these kind of social-economic shifts are inevitable, why not start them now? What if the responses to this crisis create a much healthier system that will remain once the disease is gone?

This pandemic is teaching us how intelligently nature can adapt to the changing of human habits.

And whilst the climate talk is on hold, the climate is also talking to us. It is undeniable that nature can heal itself if we make some sacrifices, consume less, slow down. Instead of fighting, we watch it crumble, instead of shouting, we let silence work its magic, we allow. The result of this slow pause in the rapid pace of our busy existence is that natural cycles are revealing themselves, speaking to us of what they need to rejuvenate and heal. Nature is being given a chance to breathe. Air and water pollution is rapidly decreasing. Venice is seeing dolphins in its canals, nature is being given an opportunity to reclaim its spaces. Who is to say that life isn’t perfectly unfolding in perfect chaos, to deliver us to a dream we had not even yet considered.

We do not dictate the future, yet we can re-imagine it.


Art by Sam - inkflowerjournal

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