A Letter Of Death


How will you step, 

as darkness holds you now

With the cold blooded warmth

Of space unknowing


How will you step,

In the beckoning call

Closing and enfolding

From the flames burgeoning light


As all your aged and arrowed 


Come to seed

And seasoned end


Drop every leaf 

of your unkempt longings

And bare naked 

Your faded, angled frame


Will you lean in?

With soft and drooping face

Into the last kiss of earths

patient wish to hold you


Or will you fall, unwilling?


and afraid

As the pains and pleasures undress themselves

For the dark and sacred end


Either way,


Either way,

Meet the mystery 

With open hands.


Let all become,

The unbecoming.


Let all become,

The unbecoming.


Break apart 

and scatter yourself

Into the winds of unknown places


Lay eyes

And arms

And loose ends to rest

Upon the rhythms of returning


To yourself. 


Let love transform life’s longing for rest

And deaths yearning to awaken

Stretch yourself between these two places

And feed from the fragrance of their noble truths. 


Death is the hearth of darkness

The flame burning by 

the moons turned cheek


As light whispers upon,

Velvet seas 

And dancing flesh

There are questions in the darkness

Invisible threads and silver hooks…


How will you step?

Heavy footed by the fear

of having stumbled 

And risen ashamed

By open wounds

And dirtied face 


Or will you meet the ground anew

With wrinkled and newborn skin

Exploring the shadows 

Of toes bending light



how the arch of you

Leaves empty space 

And sand



Death is our humbled horizon

Bearing the burden of our brokenness 

With one tender, lamenting plea

For the living,

and for the light


Come alive.


Come alive, 

So when I call you

To a familiar and forgotten peace.

You will not mistake me 

As your enemy

Taking a life you never lived.


Do not collapse

At the threshold.

And if you must

Collapse inward

Be so weighted until

There is no where else to sink

But to the very centre of your sorrows

Where the truth of its nature

Screams loud in blacked mirth

The essential 

And final truth.

I am.


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