By feeling into the greatest potential, we uncover the darkness.

Confusion has led me to a greater truth, and the truth has led me to great confusion.

In 2014 I witnessed space ships in the night sky. With a friend beside me, we felt obliged to report such an incident, surely a website existed. And it did. Just like what we had witnessed, what thousand of others all over the world had also seen and reported. My question;

Where does the existence of ET life exist, in the realm of spirituality?

Well, what you ask, you shall receive. Well know youtube seris Spirit Science, described an alternative history to our planet in which beings, from all over the galaxy, had some sort of history that was intimately connected with our own. Later, I discovered Bashar and the fascinating world of channelling. The rabbit hole grew deeper and opened its mysteries to my hungry soul. And yet, ungrounded in all my findings, ridiculed and on the brink of crazy, I began to forget the information which was the stirrings of a cosmic initiation.

Now in wild and chaotic 2018, the heat of the times is pushing the seeds of the past to the surface where new shoots are sprouting old memories. Recently, a friday night dinner took a turn for the cosmic, as a friend relayed his learnings from the program Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia Tv. The next morning I engaged in an intergalactic binge, watching ep after ep, devouring a feeling of a intuitive deep unveiling of the truth. I let go and lost myself in the conversations between Corey Goode, David Wilcock and Emery Smith; disclosing their life stories within an intergalactic, intergovernmental, interspecies life.

It took me a while to wrap my heart around the profound and simmering truth of what was being discussed.

And then, something clicked. All of my remembrances and experiences in the astral world mirrored the same events they were discussing. A culmination of personal Alien meetings, healings, teachings and two months ago; witnessing an extraterrestrial landings on Earth. I shook hands with these blond androgenous, very attractive, humanoid beings.

My dream state activity, could be perhaps due to trainings in Reiki, vedic meditation, yoga, healings, three years off the drugs and the consumption of alcohol being a close to non existent past time, that shows up on the rare occasion to remind me how much it numbed me.

How can we evolve if we can not feel?
“Emotions activate consciousness”
 Corey Goode

I spent the past year coming back into my body using a 12 step program and acupuncture, the emotional floodgates cracked. I began the descent into the painful, setting of boundaries and claimed back my power. A new dimension opened it’s doors. A cosmic reality, in which only the brave hold the keys. Gifting me the ability to see the magnitude of change occurring on the planet, from a multidimensional experience.  

Beyond the atmosphere of earth lives a very alive universe, full of extraterrestrial beings and technology beyond our understanding. What is the potential of our real time, meeting? Immense healing for humanity, our planet and therefore the entire universe. Reversing pollution with energetic vibrations, erasing all plastics and waste, portals of light which can alter our cells removing trauma and some of the world's most deadly diseases. What is one to think of all of this? How can we embody this grand reality true or not? For what we feel, we create.

Can we start living as if, this has already occured? An abundant reality, free of societal fear, and toxic dis-ease. What would make your heart sing in a free world?

I have become aware of the walls I have built to feel safe in and hide behind. The construct of invisible defences, that have highlighted my ability to act and believe in an abstract fear; latent with powerful ancestral traumas and societies collective fear based consciousness. Now as I tap into a greater potential reality, these abstract concepts of fear are safe to burn in their own illusion. It’s important not to get caught in the intellectual trap. I know it’s safe, but do I feel safe?

In the wake of this knowledge a whole lot of “stuff” has come for me. Expansion of my mind, and the opening of my body to more light; all accompanied by an uncomfortable emotional storm of anger and sadness. The heat fuelling the transmutation of dense stagnate energy, into Joy.

Alien technology isn’t going to save us yet, first we must save ourselves.

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