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In times like these we have an incredible opportunity to see things clearly if we elevate ourselves above the Chaos.


Chaos on one level, is order on another, and so everything
is as it should be.


Cultivating a higher perspective always reveals a grand harmony. That perspective opens our fields, we become receptors for powerful influxes of cosmic energy, fuelling us to play our part in the vast cosmological orchestra. All of us, beautiful instruments of creation. 

Within a time of pause there is a break in the illusion.


With many people out of work, the cogs that power the illusionary strength of capitalism are still. All illusions require effort to uphold. That’s why in stillness, in meditation, we see things truthfully. It’s clear that capitalism requires constant movement, constant consumerism, to keep the lights on. With social distancing, we are removed from silent social reverberation between people that says everything is ok.

The pause in the hedonistic lifestyle is giving us space to wonder, is there more to life?

Through uncertainty we are pulled back into the mystery.


While some may desperately grip onto news headlines and the daily changing opinions of experts, I encourage you to let go of the necessity for absolute truth and reacquaint yourself with the beauty of mystery, uncertainty. Bask in it now, so that when this time of epidemic and chaos is over and we attempt to return to business as usual, you’ll know that something is profoundly wrong, something essential is missing.

Our scientific reality claims to be absolute. As humans, we naturally seek absolute truth yet our deepest selves never truly wish to arrive at it. As this would be the end of the journey, the end of life, the end of creation. Since the hunger for absolute truth can not be fulfilled, we must find our fulfilment in the mystery. Uncertainty is a powerful force of evolution. 


What if we shaped our reality not out of fear, but wonderment? In wonderment we fall to our knees in reverence. In wonderment, we exist in a state of humility and experience the rightful use of power. Power, in its current toxic manifestation, becomes obsolete when we open our perspectives to our complex interconnection and find humility in that.


Evolution is a collaboration.


“Challenges” are saturated in gifts, they are trigger points of evolution as we learn to creatively overcome them.  To me, challenges are only a creative stimulus. The palette is given to us and with it we paint a colourful life. Creativity is a collaboration between environment and life form. Our true identity, lies in our creativity. Beyond the 'good or bad' of our daily interactions and circumstances, are these evolutionary invitations.

This was the message of Einstein when he said,

“The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious... He who never had this experience seems to me, if not dead, then at least blind. ”

The most dangerous epochs have been the ones with the strictest absolutism. And these eras have been ravished in blood. Blood shed from toxic ideologies, limiting beliefs and the collective unconscious, these roots of our past still ghost the societal constructs with that age old story of 'us against them'. 

We have decoded the world, through reductionist thinking, to a point where meaning is lost. The mystery is the awe, and without that sense of religiosity towards all things we have no direct experience of universal ethics. This has allowed us to treat our environment with shocking degradation.


And isn't this time of recalibration one also of reviving universal ethics?

Universal ethics is to be found in the mystery of life, and must be a felt experience. A person needs to have an embodied experience of the felt world in order to translate empathy to ethics. These unspoken codes of creation are not written in stone and cannot be enforced, through moral pressure, threats of imprisonment, or the wrath of gods. 

We need to behold things as we would behold a Van Gogh in the Louvre, with awe, reverence and a quiet appreciation. When you crack the shell of an egg, cut it open, and then claim to know it, what is left? Life had purpose when you were looking at the egg in wonderment and you had a expanding curiosity, an imaginative heart, a sense of adventure. In this state of being we are naturally more open to the beautiful diversity of life and identities.

Each time we realise connection over separation we widen the hole in the social fabric, wide enough to tear it down the middle.


The new social fabric is to be worn like a dress, not as a blindfold.


These are the things I believe we need to meditate on while we resow our existence, being mindful what we take from the old. It is said that history repeats itself and that is likely because we continue to fall into the same trap, the trap of absolute truth. Surrender to the mystery, be consumed by it, give up your shackles, your absolutes.


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