All the Love in Existence

Nothing could shake it.
These roots have grown into you
Dreaming deeper than the darkest rivers
Burrowed in the humid heart of the earth
Sweaty and covered in molten dirt
Worms feed upon my skin
For these roots grew seeds of surprising things
That sprouted blue noses
In the wings of some far off galaxy
My roots go far beyond even that my dear.
Even though you feel fuller
For knowing emptiness so well
I have never stopped pouring myself into you
Hoping one day,
One day,
You would let me in.
For there is nothing else for me,
No greater sweetness or secret desire
Than to love you as you do deserve.
Dearest friend,
Let the echo of my worship bleed through your walls
To soften your worrisome heart
And caress your aching bones.
For all the love in existence
Is yours.
Let me lend you my glasses
And have all the colours of creation
Embalm themselves upon the crest of your crown.
You are the lover of my eyes
So relinquish your grasping
so that I may place my heart in your hands.
You my love,
It was always and forever

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