Be Naked!

Dear soul of Divine Heart,

This is your last life!

Don't waste a minute,

meandering in fearfulness.

Like a cowardly tiger,

unwilling to see its stripes!

Bear all! 

Be naked!

Child of many moons,

There is no more searching to be sought,

Nor wars to be fought.

There is only this beaming sunshine,

To be welcomed, realised

Bursting forth from the One Heart,

Through the magnificence of your Mortal Vessel!

Wear this honour with wit and 


For life is but a great Romantic Comedy,

Of the many faces,

Of the One.

Sing every not,

Give into your hearts desire!

This is your final hour,

For Gods sake!

Don't play small!

Surrender into love,

And work hard. 

Never dare to satisfy this,

Insatiable thirst.

But appreciate the delicacy,

Of a dry mouth.

Cracking in crevices,

Splitting at the sides,

At the infinite tastes of the

Great Feast,

The salivating,

The satisfaction,

Of Simplicity.



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