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Birth is Natural 
Birth is Sacred 
Birth is a Ceremony 


The dominant culture here currently on Earth views Birth as a medical event. We are brainwashed and hypnotised to believe it is dangerous and unsafe. It is shamefully for women is they desire to reclaim their birth and choose to Birth outside of a hospital setting. Outside of the industrial birth complex.

Shaming and planting more fear in their psyches. Instantly sharing unsolicited advice and traumatic birth stories. 

Fortunately alongside this current women are reclaiming their right to birth in their power. More and more women are remembering Birth as instinctual and nurturing this remembrance by sharing positive story medicine with other women.

Science is beginning to understand the short and long term affects of pharmaceutical medicines during pregnancy and labour are having on Mothers and babies but often they're still routinely administered to Mothers. 

We are beginning to understand how important is it for a baby to be born into a loving and safe presence. We are beginning to understand the effect of emotions on our overall health.

Eventually it will become common knowledge that our emotions impact us tremendously and when suppressed lead to disease in the body. As this becomes common knowledge our whole way of life as humans will begin to shift. 

Returning to spaces of joy and safety and being close to Mother nature. 

Midwife and Birth therapist Sunni Karl learned through her birth therapy of how it felt for a baby when their mother had an epidural. "Mum feels like nobody's home. Where is she? I don't feel her. I'm numb all over. I'm lost. I can't do this"

There are many reasons for a woman to choose to have an epidural and this information is being shared here never to shame a woman for her Birth choice. I am sharing this here to give insight and understanding to woman who have not yet given birth or are hoping to birth another child or to birth at some point in their life. It is other information than "birth hurts, it is the most painful experience ever just take the drugs"

When we become aware that these drugs affect us and our baby negatively we can then look deeper into Birth and what we need to support birth and to feel the most safe.

There is no denying there is an intensity to birth. It is an initiation one of the biggest rites of passage of a woman's life if she chooses this pathway. She is the gateway between worlds. She is the keep of the mystery. She is divine. 

When a woman Birth's in her Power she She's herself as Powerful.

It is only when we truly see ourselves we allow other's to see us. 

When Women remember their Power and trust in their instincts and intuition waves of change will flood the earth. 

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