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After a long journey of small steps and learned patience we are very proud and humbled to be partnered with 1% for the planet. Yvon Chouinard started 1% for the planet with Craig Matthews in 2002 as many movements begin, with an intimate heartfelt conversation. Their idea was this, “because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they should protect those resources.” So began a revolution in business. 

Patagonia is a brand that we hold with the utmost respect as a wayshower for all sustainable business. Their story and manifesto ‘Let my people go surfing’ is a universal invitation into the most fundamental, unchanging core values of sustainability: ‘build the best product’, ‘do no unnecessary harm’, ‘use business to protect nature’ & ‘not bound by convention’. These core values speak to the heart of what we aspire towards and though we find ourselves as another shade of unconventionality we like to imagine ourselves as a sister voice of Patagonias heartfelt company. Our own deeply felt journey as reluctant businesswomen, learning to navigate the contradictions and limitations that we take part in a system that fails us as we strive to create new systems by which the old systems will collapse. Our vision to impact not just positive environmental change but complete individual, social and planetary transformation. We envision a total recalibration of our very way of life, one in which we will remember our roots in the earth and our interconnectivity, our interdependence with all of life; creating cultures that act in accordance with this foundational truth. 

Our own intimate conversation in Hemp Temple’s reason for being has circumnavigated a core longing to do good, give back and be part of a movement for change for many years. As a small business this journey has been a waltz of small steps forwards and backwards, slowly edging closer towards the vision we have held for ourselves even as our business slowly grew to fill this dreamed skin. What we personally love about 1% for the planet is that its impact is an invitation beyond monetary donation; they encourage volunteering work as equal measure of financial support. We resonate deeply with the importance of connection and on the ground experience of understanding this foundational truth of interconnectivity. The animal, human & plant lives that are affected by our human footprint. We believe in the necessity of both ecological investment and humanising money. 

Our existence is a mirrored existence, where our inner ecology informs the outer and vice versa. The roots of our crisis are inhabited by our bodies and within the earth. Our approach to the world crisis cannot be solved without a spiritual, psycho-ecological analysis of the process, the history and the myths that have brought us to this point. Why is it that even as the very real effects of climate crisis and ongoing species extinction become known realities, we as a species, still collectively create the destruction of our natural ecology? This is undeniably a pathological act. How did we get here? Why are we still, for the large part, determined to remain in this direction of ecocide? These questions are as important as the actions we take. These questions help us ensure the same ideas that created our crisis will be uprooted and understood, for what is unconscious must be made conscious. 

To understand collective pathological behaviour we must recognise the common thread of our species. The separation between culture and nature, masculine and feminine, self and Other; it is from the disillusioned belief in our separation that this crisis was born. The forgotten nature of our deep belonging to the earth, an earth that does not adhere to human concepts of borders, ownership, profit, or refugees. 

Our passion is to unearth the core issues that have created a species of deeply displaced humans and invest our voice, time and money into projects that are focused on healing a false sense of separation whilst building new foundations in which future generations will not perpetuate the unhealed dangerous cultures of our past and present. Felt intelligence and an experiential understanding of our interconnectedness & interdependence with the vast network of life on earth are the foundational truths from which to build a new universal culture. 

For this reason, amongst the many incredible organisations for change we have chosen The Grace Foundation as our first organisation of investment with 1% for the planet. 

Two months ago we immersed ourselves in the community in Tamera, Portugal. It was here we saw, felt and learned first hand the relief in a tangible, holistic, intelligent and felt approach to peace work and sacred activism. This foundation was birthed out of a Peace Pilgrimage and a vision for a global foundation in which money was humanised and redirected into planetary models for a nonviolent society. A foundation focused on supporting and creating a global network of Healing Biotopes, practical regenerative designs of decentralized autonomy, education, research, relationships and community. Communities as ‘Healing Biotopes’. 

“The word “biotope” comes from the Greek “bio” (life) and “topos” (place). It’s a habitat where all life forms – humans, animals, plants, waters and other beings – co-exist in united diversity.
The origins of the words “healing,” “wholeness” and “holy” are the same. To heal doesn’t mean to fix an illness or problem, but to overcome separation and restore the wholeness of life.”

Investing in Healing Biotopes is a way to “humanize” money, as they develop alternative economies outside the constraints of interest, debt and exploitation; based on decentralized autonomy and regenerative design. Our current economic system is one that perpetuates separation, debt and displacement. Economy should be reflective of nature, systems of organised intelligence that uphold the need for balance. You need to heal basic separation to create a healed economy. 

‘It is not just about stopping burning fossil fuels but a complete paradigm shift into complex coherence’. 

This foundation also shared a deepened approach to activism, that of the sacred activist. Sacred activism is non-violent activism coupled with prayer. It is a path of research, learning, seeking truth, opening our minds and hearts to new possibilities and ways of being and then creating focused steps in that direction. Community networks are a tangible pathway to produce information by living it. The patriarchal mindset that has fuelled industrialism and harmful business practice is a deeply ingrained system of living. These are not only systems of work but systems of thought. Systems of interrelating. They are ideas that have informed the way we live out each day, they have carved the path on which we walk. 

What our earth needs is not only protection and the eradication of these old systems that continue to overproduce and undernourish the earth and its inhabitants, we need a complete revolution of ideas. The ability to imagine living in a completely new way, to envision a world in which peace is really possible. This is no small feat. 

Therefore we need to invest in experiential understanding, to experience what harmony amongst people may look like in microsms; in community. Pathological behaviour stems from a disconnection of ourselves from the other, a disconnection of our mind from our feelings. Community is a pathway by which we bridge the gap between ancient and visionary wisdom. It is pathway by which we balance outer, political work & inner work. It is how we rebuild alliance and trust.

Communities help us build safe containers through which we can re-learn how to live in accordance with the understanding that we are part of a larger life body. Trust is built from the understanding that we need each other. It is hope alchemised into action. 

There is one ethos that connects us all, ‘we must defend the place we all call home’. 

Defend the Sacred. 


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