Diving Deep

You are What you Believe.... The Beliefs that you Perceive.

Anyone remotely interested in the psychology of the human mind recognise Jung and Freud as two of the chief ambassadors who sparked the first wave within the collective consciousness to ‘know thyself’ on the mental plane. Their shared interest, or shared path, was the road of illuminating the nature of the unconscious.

Jung saw the unconscious as a storehouse of repressed memory specific to individual and ancestral past. Freud gathered it is a storehouse of unacceptable repressed desires specific to the individual. So the common thread is that - there is a hell of a lot about ourselves that we are not consciously aware of, and these blind spots can create some reckless re-creation of exactly what we don’t want out of life.

Whilst revolutionary in itself, recognising the ‘Unconscious’ in its purity is to understand  it is not unconscious at all, nothing in the body is, but rather subconscious. Dwelling below our surface reality of awareness. Our known thoughts are where the ocean meets the sky and quick burning attention span captures our surrounds at shutter speed, thousands of frames per second; that sink through the layers of our processing mind until they settle as our ‘accepted reality’ at the bottom of the sea.

The deeper seas of thought can be visualised like a thick fluidity... motions, waves; moved by the impulse of our core beliefs. Like thought bubbles arising from dormant volcanoes at the minds core.

The cauldron of repressed memories, desires and stories from our childhoods mixed with our collective his-story; where women have been subjugated to persecution for their power; and men have been tormented into a false sense of masculinity and deep emotional repression, is a bit of an ancestral mess.

“From your birth, you started on a journey. As a new being, you were pure, not yet aware of what was all around you. But eventually, your culture and the socialization process enveloped you in its language, customs, and beliefs. Over time, layer upon layer of these social and cultural artifacts surrounded your core self. And eventually your individual consciousness assumed the identity, the persona, of who you became.”


For women, the emotional conditioning we absorb comes from the mother figures in our lives. For men, it is the father figures. The lineage of our ancestral lines is like the babushka doll who carries the same story within a different body.

Men have carried the emotional rejection of our forefathers; where feelings are weak and men had to be strong; for both physical and emotional survival - to be accepted, to be loved, to be the ‘provider’ for family.

Women, being potently aligned with the cycles of the moon; feel more intensely and so have naturally had more experience, the wisdom of their own lunation that is the spectrum of emotions.

"Only the gentle are ever really strong"

James Dean.

Our true strength lies in our vulnerability. To be seen, heard, held and accepted as we are. Which takes us to recognise that we are enough in the skin of our authentic selves. De-robing the ridiculous notions of what we need to be, or do, to be loved we find freedom was never anywhere but in our ability to free our minds.

Before the age of 2 we perceive the wounds of our world in the eyes of our parents, before 4 we have absorbed and articulated them as our own. Every core belief we have was cemented in our childhood, everything else we value, perceive or believe is a flower grown from that soil. What we believe, we perceive, we react, we feel; then what is real?

The patterns of our minds are the puzzle pieces that create the ‘ah ha’ turning points of our lives.

Gather your tools and get dirty… dig until you know.


Finding Your Subconscious Beliefs:

 “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden


Abigail Brenner M.D



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