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The light that fire brings, burning, cracking open minds and seeds. It is the light of a new awareness illuminating where the shadows have been gathering dust. As games of politics and power seem to be recalibrating themselves in longing for justice, in longing for peace. We are part of an ecology, fatigued by the disharmony of co-existence. When all we have known is ruptured, burned, blown or washed away by the changing climate of our homelands what remains is a yearning desire for raw simplicity and connection. Our collective consciousness is undergoing an awakening attraction to Truth, this magnetism is a homecoming that will bind the broken hearts of our human species. Truth, heals trust. 

There are lessons in the darkness, a new myth written in the ashes that cover our lands. Prophetic faces forming in the smoke carried across countries as omens, a foretelling of what is to come and of what has already arrived. Chaos has always been an agent of change and as we embody change we become like wisteria vines or common weeds, flourishing with such aliveness we simply take over that which no longer serves this frequency. The worn down structures of the old ways reveal themselves to be fragile and falling, feeble and weak.   

And as everything we have known falls, a mandala of micro communities, weaves. Intelligent networks of global leadership are pulsating everywhere, small groups passionately devoted to various essential aspects of the human existence, rooting the new chapter of our evolution. Pure hearted scientists devoted to research, committed parents raising free children, permaculture tribes renewing the land, small businesses rewriting consumerism, individuals committing to self love as service, earth warriors everywhere courageously loving, embodying, embracing the potential of a better world. These sparks, small groups of light are active hope, tangible and centred in the energy of creation. Symbiotically, destruction births a new ecosystem, a renewed human ecology; born from the ashes. 

These bush fires have taught us lessons in power. 

The misuse or neglect of responsibility in positions of elected power. 

The power of the people to overcome differences and support each other.

The power of the people to make institutional change.  

And the power of nature... the power of the subtle shifts of wind, the subtle shifts in water flow, the subtle shifts in preventative actions that can be the silver lining between life and death. 


Leadership is a tribal power. 

Leadership is en emotive power. 


The leaders of our world are not indifferent to the human fragility of our most innate need to belong and be accepted. When we reject our ‘elected’ leaders by no means other than group thought, mass feeling and collective action; we embody change. Our prime minister Scott Morrison forcing himself into the ash stained hands of our fire firefighters as they reject his shallow words and marketing ploys for reconciliation and aid. He is no doubt feeling the fragility of his humanness and the anxiety of his vastly incompetent leadership ability. There is nothing more powerful than the emotional undercurrent of all political arenas. It is the force that feeds the immense inequalities of our social ecosystems. The energy that fuels all revolution and epochs of change is intensity in feeling. 

It is time, it is time, for those who choose to follow paths of leadership to take radical responsibility for the weight, the sacrifice, the burden and the blessing of what leadership requires in this intense time of transition. What leadership has always required, to be a visionary.


It seems as though the fears of climate collapse are more complex as they are entombed with a deeper meaning of climate. It is the climate of human relation, that is also in collapse. Yet, death is a doorway. This is the climax, the ‘ladder’, the culmination of our climate of conflict, our climate of change. In the eye, in the wake; we will harvest the wisdom and tread a new path on earth.


These fires have revealed that people power is rooted in shared feeling. Shared loss, shared outrage, shared hope, the bridge and binding of empathy and compassion. All across Australia, from the rich diversity of religion, culture, status; doors have been opened. Everyone giving, giving, giving to the common cause for the remediation of our shared homeland.


Giving is an essential element of what a new human ecology will be based upon. Giving dissolves walls, giving opens hearts, giving authentically creates trust. Sustaining an ecology based on generosity of time, presence, love and interdependence are the root elements of an earth based culture. Amongst the unrelenting fires is the unrelenting celebration of community fundraisers and fire reliefs, each soul finding light in the darkness and strangers finding each other again. These microcosms of community events are the waves of change that we need to take root, a new way of being that we must remember, anchor and actively feed...


the chaos has a purpose, a coming together. 


We are capable of dissolving social constructs and opening our minds. That opening is undoubtedly already occurring. Doorways reveal themselves as opportunity for mass change in every breaking there is a breaking open and these potential realities are more evident, tangible and searing than ever. 

It has been the people of Australia and the people of our global community who have risen to the call, in service helping to remediate the losses of homes, alleviate the heaviness of hearts and sustain the resources to scale down the flames.

Institutions are crumbling. And rather than the unnerving confusion in the preemption of collapse there is a sense of unity and common empowerment spreading as the people of our earth find each other in shared outrage, distress and vision for a re-distribution, or rather a reclamation, of rightful power. Power in voice, power in unification and power in our persistence to protect our planet. 


We know ourselves in these times as tumultuous, in change. In a single day all the seasons of the heart may pass through us, we may come to understand how sorrow lives seeded within joy and bliss within pain. We are capable of experiencing the total spectrum, the entire season of feeling within ourselves without becoming defined or attached to those realities.

We are living in unstable times. We find ourselves in motion, in connection, in music and in each other. 


So we must learn let go, let flow and allow ourselves to simply be - unanchored, cocooned, rebirthing.






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