The laws you learned from your earth mother.
She has been your greatest teacher of existence.
For every breath,
You learned balance.
And how to bridge the borders
Of the separation you have felt.
Since you took that first breath.

In the seed of lightness

Gravity gifts us grains of sand.
The precious petals awaiting the sun,
A blooming blocked

by bricks

You built your walls.

Yes, you have armour beloved.

A fine silversmith of your secrets

Your defences have kept you alive.

You learned protection like a puma in the heat of the hunt.

Humans watched each other fall
And claim the earth like hungry wolves
So we could build our separation higher,

To gaze upon the utopia

Of paper people and plastic thrones.

From these heights can you see
These walls are empty space.
Dreamed from the dust
of outworn beliefs
And in the haze, and the hurry,
We forgot what it was,

to be naked.

It is time to remember... beloved human heart.

It is time to feel again.


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