In Feeling, I am Free In Feeling, I am Free

In Feeling, I am Free

By Isabella Gillespie

In Feeling, I am Free In Feeling, I am Free

Sometimes the mind puts a limit on our ability to feel. It is very good at reason and justice. Understanding. But there's a rationality that tells anger it needs to give its place to peace and that grief needs to be intelligent, because all that lives surely dies.

But the two forces can't be honoured in the same space. Anger needs to be seen for it's loyalty to life. Sadness must be saluted for the richness it gifts to joy. For the depth of true insight and inspiration it has served in our creative cause, that connect us all. Because we all feel. That is our humanness. And feelings don't understand rationality. They are choked in the minds reflexes.

As we surrender to deep feeling, not attaching to the intensity, the reasons, or any of that mind stuff, we find an emptiness in the wake of emotion. The empty space that holds the gift. This is the place of the pure mind. A sacred space where we can use our intellect to truly understand. Where we turn pain into wisdom, where we render our wounds sacred. Learning what it is to have compassion, patience and reverence for our own journeys.

The mind embalms the emotions like a man to a woman. This is the responsibility of our own role, to hold ourselves as we desire. To give ourselves the love we need. To feel without judgement, and to think unclouded by stored feeling. To bring ourselves and our world back into balance, by knowing ourselves, giving to ourselves, freeing ourselves and - feeling.

Just as sky meets the sea, we are the body of earth between mind and emotion. Allow the rivers to run and know yourself as the vessel of life itself. You are the father who holds the mother, who holds it all within you.




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