Liquid Fire

Destinies bend like rubber fantasies.

Liquid fire dissolves my bones

The fierceness of the feeling

Acidic, arid, dry

Hot, empty, metals

Anger eats at my skin.

Carving me to the marrow,

To discover the hidden seeds

of beauty.

I remembered then,

The conversation that had passed

Between the vastness of luminescence

In the wordless ways that light moved me,

I asked myself,

Be bold in rough textures

Sandpaper emotions

And chisel my heart

Use the sharp sight of tools

To grind beliefs to dust

To find the purity

Intentions feed the flame.

This grooming grates me to ash,

For the greatness of the void.

New skies form from the formless

Emptiness brings new life.

Where illusion once had its way,

In its overcrowded nature,

The voice, now obsolete.

My wings reach for the sapphire kiss

Of this new discovery.

Diving from the solar seas of the lions lair,

Into the depths of the darkest night.

Black bears a magnetism

And an insatiable taste of mystery

I fly through the shadows like eyes unseen

Illuminating the dust of the abandoned

For all the infinity there could never be enough

To satisfy my hungry soul.

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