Together yet apart,

My Heart,

Your Heart.

One; divide two,




Sweet moments of eternity in the rising hour, where dawn meets the setting sun. Mesmerizing in its timeless round of endless eternities, for the sun never sets and the dawn never rises. Only light changes its form, only our eyes see beauties in its morphing.

 Two lovers estranged by rebirths illusive kiss. Realities bend and dissolve, where my dreaming leaves physicality but a fiction in a strange chapter of existence. I feel all the time, I feel you.


My lover I am calling to you. Listen to your heart. The world is awaiting the nectar of a flower only we can create. The honey of our love is a medicine for this earth, our passion is a sacred water, our unified breath is the wind that will carry the seeds of a new earth far and wide. Our ecstasy is the laughter of every nuns first kiss, every poet’s first prose. For our madness is a universal song. And the wilderness, my darling, is beckoning us home. To bear ourselves naked on its floors and evaporate into the ethers of the glowing stellar skies. Can’t you hear it? Listen to this moment. Be present to the power of the unspoken word. This is the moment of eternity bound in one breathless revelation dancing upon your lips. The illumination of you, is me.




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