Creating the New Myth. 

“Once upon a time, the many cultures of this world were all part of the gynocratic age (women centred societies). Paternity had not yet been discovered, and it was thought ... that women bore fruit like trees—when they were ripe. Childbirth was mysterious. It was vital. And it was envied. Women were worshipped because of it, were considered superior because of it.... Men were on the periphery—an interchangeable body of workers for, and worshippers of, the female center, the principle of life.”

Gloria Steinem

We are the evolution of our mythological past. We are the fruits of stories, passed on for centuries by words alone, symbols painted on walls, ideas inscribed in stone and then onto scroll. Prophets who came and went, the footprints they left behind, tampered with by the different minds and intentions of men; an evolutionary story of power struggles and greed. Tragedies, where those words were burned, cultures massacred and stories lost. We, like all who came before, remain in the eye of the needle, as the new story of this generation is weaved into the loom of our ever evolving understanding of human nature. Our mythological history is all sewn into our sense of selves, the fabric of our being.

The Patriarchy.

Humans have proved with our probings are like acid to the ecology of our earth and even with the gift of intelligence, we fail to look after one another. With the introduction of technology, our information receptors have been drowned out and empathy has been intentionally and slowly sedated by the mass mind numbing of televised war after war and ad after ad. We are somehow more inclined to mourn when buildings burn than entire populations. The tradeoff was feeling for fact. Of materiality for morality. How did this happen? We didn’t just wake up one day uncaring that the world is in turmoil, rather we have been on a journey of subordination and it has all happened through a framework of thought. If our actions came from intelligence alone, we would not have created the level of destruction on our planet or in our societies that we see. A lack of empathy is not the natural byproduct of the survival of the fittest for it doesn’t serve to secure our own place in the world but rather disrupts it. In abandoning each other, we abandon ourselves. For we need one another, we are interdependent and deeply attached to a spiritual need to belong. So when we are sold a story, any story, that gives us a place in which we can belong; we accept the faults, corruptions and deceit for the price of having a place amongst people. 

Our story is one of division. We have known ourselves only through the lens of separation, understanding who we are by the mirror of what we are not. Centuries of attempts to eradicate the Other are a destructive expression of the urge to come closer to ourselves, it is an abstract move towards unity by means of massacre instead of inclusivity. We separate to gain knowledge of the smallest sub particle, we divide and conquer. We split ourselves like cancerous cells, dividing and multiplying the barriers between us; genders, class, religion, status, race; addicted to Otherness for that is the myth we are made of. The ‘dog eat dog world’, a kind of cannabilistic spiritual acceptance that injustice is inherent in human nature. But is it? Or, have we been feeding from a selected mythological mind map of our evolutionary journey. With our present awareness, we now have the opportunity to re-write the old and outdated patriarchy which is nothing if not a pattern of thought that has manifested into an unstable power structure. The power is an illusion because minds can be changed. 

 The patriarchal mindset is inseparable from the capitalist. Both reflect a spiritual lens that Descartes birthed in Cogito, ergo sum - I think, therefore I am; which was really saying ‘the intellect is how we become closest we to god… on the throne of thought we sit as equals.’ Science is a spiritual pursuit who lost its faith. It weaves the tangible on the loom of logic and we are warmed by its ability to delineate molecules from atoms, but labelling a mystery doesn’t make it any less a mystery.

So we are made of two worlds, of thought and of feeling. Of the patriarchy and the matriarchy. Like our communities, our inner worlds are governed by the dominance of our inner archetypes. Most of us are more comfortable under the wing of unfeeling and so the evolution from the mind to the heart remains slow and begrudging. Where the Matriachal mind brings us to ‘I feel, therefore I am free’.

(Audre Lorde; Your Silence Will Not Save You)

The Beauty Myth.

The beauty myth is unparalleled in its continued impact upon our psyche. Our existence, in the most simple expression could be rounded to the urge to create and find pleasure in beauty. Beauty standards are a mirror to the collective mind, when the female form was beautified into that reminiscent of a young boy - flat stomach, skinny legs, sharp jaw - that narrow framework of a largely unachievable from for many became a thought form that has infected the very foundations of womens identity and self worth. As so many female forms, worshipped prior to the patriarchal age, were curvaceous, fat and rounded. This was the female form of pregnant, mother, giver of life. 

Patriarchal society is built on a deeply ingrained fear of the feminine. Beauty and desire are a large part of that story, this is how one of the greatest massacres of our time was spurred by the archetypal enchantress, whose beauty bewitches and whose intuitive wisdom cannot be trusted. The witches became every woman, and the witch hunts were not only the silencing of women but also of the feminine qualities within all men. Much like homophobia, the condition where one sex fears their own attraction towards the same sex and so projects that discomfort upon others. So qualities like softness, nurturance, empathy and intuition were smothered under the cloak of the unhealed masculine. One of the pinnacle moments for the patriarchy effect was the discovery of paternity, gradually the idea of male ownership took hold.

Women were the greatest threat to the religious structure of the church. Men were afraid of losing themselves to their desires, fearing feelings as a weakness to their status and worthiness in society. The church who had realised the financial gain of dark spiritual manipulation, guised mass murder by the god fearing scripts. A language not written by god, but by the hand of man. The closest language we have to god is not in rules and steps but in mythology and poetry, a language that leaves space for interpretation and feeling; for understanding and the absence of it. 

The banks, the government and the church became a triad of mutual beneficiary dictatorship. Spiritual fear is the strongest and most powerful weapon to turn man against man, to turn man against himself. Religious structures thrive off disempowerment, profit lies in keeping people small.

When a mythology serves to attack the most natural expression of self, the mind becomes a weapon and the world becomes warfare. That is the tyranny we have been suffering under for far too long and as new waves of empowerment begin to flood through the earth we can find hope in the destabilising of our societies. We are uprooting the old for a new garden to be planted. We are creating a new myth.


The Matriarchy

To understand the poles of patriarchal versus matriarchal rule, we have to scrutinise how much of the conversation is based on physicality and how much is upon mindset. We cannot write a new myth without looking at outdated definitions of sex and gender.

The simple truth is that we are each made of both masculine and feminine qualities. Aside from the genetics of sex, we harbour within our personalities the primal duality of all life. Women and men have been narrowly defined by the frame of a patriarchal mindset. Men are thinkers not feelers, women are feelers not thinkers. The bridge, is in our vulnerability. How we inhabit the duality within us and move towards becoming whole. The conversations of masculine and feminine leadership is rather one of paternal and maternal instinct.

Leadership in the many faces of man in their authoritarian rule, the cold emotionally distant and oppressive father figure as the unhealed masculine. That is the seat of misplaced power that has been governing our societies. Patriarchal leadership has failed us, for what is the patriarchy if not a system run by uninitiated boys on a power trip.

Our need for a matriarchy, comes first from the innate longing not for imbalance but egalitarian rule. Where a matriarchal board of leaders is not one purely dominated by women, though they need be a vast majority, but of persons - however gender identified - embodying feminine principles and qualities as that of mother or nurturer. How else can we hope to be led other than a loving, empathetic, service based place within a leader equivalent to that of a mother caring for the earth and its inhabitants as their own. All persons, men, women, trans and other have the qualities of both healed and unhealed expressions of masculine and feminine leadership. A matriarchal culture is one where we value the presence of healed feminine qualities as an essential component to any place of power in society. Having a board of unhealed women in leadership is not the answer, for we are all imprinted from the suppression of our femininity no matter what body you are in. True leadership will come from those who know themselves and can recognise themselves in the faces of every man, woman and child. 

So we're re-creating the pencil, we're writing the New Myth. And in this eden, theres hemp crops, everywhere...


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