As we breach and bow to the flow of life’s tumultuous and awe inspiring tides of transformation, it seems there is an unseen force of fire turning up the voltage on our discovery for truth.


We are born on the road to nowhere, walking in and out of the void, existing consciously somewhere within this great moment between. We see death as the darkness and light as the life, yet there are so many doors and shades traversing the worlds that make me wonder whether sometimes; we are more alive in the darkness than we are in the light.


Self-inquiry is our greatest tool to the art living, but like all underused muscles, our weak awareness will take time, practice and the determination to live more fully. This is the strength we need to cultivate to be here, in this moment. In the now. To re-appoint our place as director of our own story.


Having just come back from my first experience of Vipassana, ten days of silence, about one hundred hours of meditation and death by pain; a new light is shining on what I have now concluded as:

The Great Madness.


Somewhere along the line we created a culture of comfort and complacency, ruled by the unconscious. And for the most of us, we were simply born into it soft and spongey ready to soak up all the mess. I have come 360* in my own peripheral sight on where the collective wounds lie, seeing the truth that the reigning powers are not big pharma, the illuminati or the political toddlers spread like cayenne pepper on the skin of our great mother.

Rather, the kingdom of the unconscious, the patriarchy of oppressive patterns, our own personal hierarchy of habits; that make us bow to the idiocy of those outside of ourselves, thus mentioned above.

Our minds tendency to re-create is the ruler of all. And what it tends to create, is a lot of suffering. Diseases of all sorts, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. In our relationships, our work, our dreams, our homes – everywhere! Like termites eating our walls from the inside out.

As we become Silence, we realise there is a noise that obnoxiously interrupts our every moment. Tirelessly impeding on our peace, making sleep the only respite from our mental exhaustion. As someone I met once put it, its like an uninvited guest coming in and shitting all over your house, until your house becomes their house and you are their underpaid cleaner.

Our mind is not one sound, but a clever instrument that has an orchestra of thoughts playing at once. Yet the music is loud and out of tune, if you like classical its heavy metal, if you like jazz it’s the worst kind of pop. So, my minds out of control... whats the point? The point IS the potential.

Our minds have no preference in how they are to serve us, they are simple fertile soil receiving the seeds we feed them. Seeds of fear, of freedom, of love, of pain; all the dream seeds of the past and the future as we wander back and forth, in and out of the present. No matter the seed, it is ripe and ready and surely as the sun shines, it bears the fruit.

And such simplicity... Great truths are always simple, always universal.

Purify your mind and you will purify the world.

The garden of Eden is waiting for you to turn the soil and pull out the deeply rooted weeds that are making you tired. Get dirty, dive into the darkness and re-discover the beauty of who you really are.

The greatest gift we can ever give, is the one in which we receive first. It is tools of transformation that nourish ourselves the most. With so many tools, not every brick will build your style of house.

But the greatest tool in the shed? Meditation.

It is here that we can take responsibility for ourselves. You simply cannot rebuild your house without it. Not through a healer, a teacher, a book or a friend; but within the mind, within you. That is the only way - within.

But we will never take that first step, if we don’t believe there is a reason. If we don’t hear our lives calling for change we will never pick up the phone. It takes one moment to recognise a truth ripple across the surface of our mind, it takes a tidal wave to let it carry you into action. The only law of nature, the greatest truth of all; is that life is constantly changing. Will you embrace it?

When the first step is made, towards silence; it is as if the speakers become surround sound. Awareness slides into the lock, and the door is opened. We begin to observe that we are without doubt, absolutely insane and so begin to our journey back to sanity. Whatever that means... You have the answers.

The road is long, but full of flowers.


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  • All the thanks for this perenial reminder.


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