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Climate and social justice are perfect mirrors, branched disharmonious expressions rooted in a vastly complex organism that breathes us all from the void of the unknown into life, Mother Earth.
For a moment… consider the miracle of your hands. The thin yet firm skin blanketing your bones rivered with blood cells, devoted pilgrims of your unconscious need for oxygen, unfailing companions of your dreams, translators of energy from the Mother to your miracle existence. They are perhaps the most reliable and godly extensions of your beating heart. Those hands who make reality of your longings, who bridge the loneliness of your vulnerable individuality and in their devotion, leave a fingerprint of your uniqueness impressed upon the world. As from an impulse deep within the filaments of your philanthropic nature, your hands knowingly reach out towards those in need, longing to pull your brothers up, to be pulled up yourself, to plant new life, to purify old belief systems and hold hands with the enemies of your mind. Your entire microcosmic ecosystem is collaborating seamlessly with itself in a dance of grace. Each part of your being so different is made whole by the strange and asymmetrical parts. The visible, the invisible. The physical, the emotional. The mental, the spiritual. The complexity of you and your existence. The anger you deny, the sorrow you quiet, the joys you fear, the love that threatens to consume you. The humming fear that buzzes all around. Your emotional reality are the eyes through which you sense the world, each expression so powerfully rooted in an eternity of unbounded capacity to love and the fear that truth conjures. Yet what is it that makes You… where are You in that organism? You who is ethereal, unknowable and undeniably there. Not bound to the appearance of your skin and bones, but you. Beyond blood, the breath of living, the spark of life. Who you truly are.

Life is impregnated with Spirit, that is what makes the living come Alive.

You are here. Reading these words and perhaps you are Alive. Perhaps you are a droplet in the waves of momentum rising tides of change, a fingerprint in the moving body of the millions now protesting across the globe. A note in the voice singing out for Justice, demanding Truth and decidedly letting go of everything, everything we have been holding onto. All of the illusions, all of the untruths, that are as deeply seated as the unconscious impulse to breathe. We have grown up in a disharmonious relationship that has dictated much of what our unconscious patterns of living and striving, dreaming and desiring are made of. An abstracted individualism, which is not sovereignty but a sickness of separatism instead of a loving interdependence. 
The old paradigm has incubated our plans of life in a timeline of tireless ambition and limitations. Since our first days of school we have been asked, what will you be, what will you do? And we began puncturing the simplicity, the beautiful slow rhythm of our lives with goals and age deadlines of concrete definitions... to have and be, rooted, reflected and acknowledged in a security of self identity and achievement. But the world was never a fertile ground for dreaming, for what are the externalities of our world if our relationships are severed and destroyed in the process? Now we are older and perhaps we know who we are and now we know what we must do.

We Rise.

This disconnect between our essential nature and nature itself is no longer an invisible disquieted depression that is numbed and fed by systematic compliance and consumerism. The primal relationship of which all else stems is between us and our Mother. Mother earth and the mothers in our lives. The love that was meant to hold us in our vulnerability in youth was broken in the chain of ancestral wounds long ago. When we burned the billions of women across the world, we burned the umbilical cord between our nature and nature itself. Now the disharmony is not only felt, as the unrequited longings and loneliness of our human nature but in the very visible external chaos and collapse of our human built systems and the natural systems of ecology. Yet blinded by the illusions of externalities, we have been carrying a sense of deep seated displacement within us as refugees of our own nature; unable to feel our belonging and home within the place of things.
Now, in courage, we become elastic open minds, open hearts; blindly feeling our way back into higher truths and a community based co-existence. All that we know for certain is that change is rippling through everything and we are a part of that change, and we are made new by that change. So we set our sights upon the earth as sacred defenders, sacred gardeners, custodians of love and devote ourselves to what is True. Faithfully tending to what is right we walk a path of global peace until it is real, until we are in harmony once more.
The sacred matrix that pulsates throughout every fibre of our biosphere, every molecule and atom of our earth is a web of information. It connects us all and sings its distress, sings its aliveness and caws like a mighty bird heralding a new dawn. All of the unrest in our world is only a stage in the process of renewal. We accept the truth of our fingerprint in the chaos, our mirror reflection in the most unconscious actions of mankind, we see the struggles within ourselves and we don’t turn our cheek from the uncomfortable reality of our own messed up pasts. It is a courageous journey into the dark. Sacrificing our smallness for daring humility, devoting ourselves to the small details, lovingly changing our little habits, quietly singing our truth into every encounter with people preaching the old ways. From this truth we transition, devoting ourselves to its transmutation of a new truth. We are marching by the millions for justice and we are turning the soils of our existence. Attempting to pull up the weeds that hold the entire architecture of our lifestyles, the systems we are reliant upon. Allowing it all to fall down as the soils begin to heal, in trust, as we march together hand in hand and walk the fields for new systems to replace the old. This is a threshold. We are shades of light colouring the larger picture with a sacred undoing. Everything will be purified in the becoming of a better world. 

So let yourself, be undone.

Constellations of hope hold a warm sacred glow across the earth. This is the awakening of the Sacred Defender. A revolution humming not with fight, but with resistance, not with hatred but with peace. A movement for life, for love. This movement, whose vessel is you, whose vessel is your love, is not backing down. The world is in unrest. Yet perhaps in our restlessness we may finally get up and let our egos fall and our bodies dance. 
So we look into that perfect mirror, of climate and social inequality, of personal and collective suffering; we look beyond the surface and into the roots of the chaos. Until we recognise ourselves, until we know in every fibre of our being that we are nature itself. We are sentient, we are sacred, not singular or separate but as One. We combine our actions with prayer, our feeling with forgiveness, our marching with dance, our anger with justice... For that is the True Rebellion, the daring act to love in the darkness.


Ode to the Sacred Defenders. 


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  • As in the Alchemical tradition, "One must first perform the dissolution of the metal to the ‘materia prima’ and then recrystallize, or coagulate, this formless substance. If done correctly, gold will be the result.

    Yet another beautifully written piece. Reading your words is closer to listening to music than actually reading.


    Dillon on

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