Money makes the world go round


Most of the time i’m calling in abundance, trusting that I will always have the right amount of money to fulfil my needs. I’m grateful for the freedom to make conscious choices about where I spend my money.

And then about 80 % of the time I’m in fear that I won’t be able to pay rent next week, or to fix my car, or go to that event my friend has poured her soul in to facilitate.

We humans have evolved and if we choose a healthy lifestyle, can live to a very old age. The more time on the earth, in this body,  the more money we need to survive.. forcing us to start strategising earlier for our retirement and therefore to start worrying earlier. Questioning wether or not we will have enough.


Our society is also based on materialistic consumption and we are always needing money to buy more and more things. I have heard that even by adding in more lanes on a highway, more people, more cars just fill the space and the same congestion occurs. This is Parkinsons law... which leads me to think


Are my money fears Justified?


It’s the same if we have more money, more opportunities and needs arise to spend it. My business is expanding so now I have more expenses. People ask how its going and it feels as though nothing is changing.

I come from a family of hard workers who know how to successfully earn money and also how to save money. So as a young girl I was really good at saving my pennies. I was even in charge of being the banker in my primary school class and I was knew that by saving the $5 pocket money every week I could make interest, ironing my dads work shirts for extra dollars where I could.

Perhaps this upbringing carved out my path for an entrepreneurial destiny, alongside the 6 planets I have in Capricorn in my natal chart. I don’t know... but I do know, that as a young girl and teenager working 3 jobs to save money I always said, “I will never have a credit card, I’ll never get myself into debt” I had believed that this was the Western words equivalent of slavery.

Low and behold I craved some more freedom, freedom to travel and experience life away form studying and making coffees and numbing myself out with alcohol and drugs. I jumped on planes and swiped my credit card whenever it was necessary to grasp at that freedom and I thank my credit card for many happy opportunities. However owing money to an institution was never my plan and working for myself now paying money back into my business not knowing when or how that debt is going to ever be repaid is stressful. We can all relate to each other in the struggles to earn and hold onto money.

Sometimes I fall into black holes of financial freak outs. These times usually lead to me, pausing, breathing,  and remembering how much success I have had so far. Remembering that money is energy and it flows in and out. My latest freakout lead me to my acupuncturist and the purchase of rose quartz crystal pleasure wand (they are sold out on most websites so ladies out there you’re confirming they are worth it) I pulled an angel card that confirms how abundant I am and I congratulate myself of my act of self love instead continuous worry.

Am I spiritually bypassing my current situation…. maybe… but i’m eagerly awaiting my latest purchase to fulfil my present needs. Perhaps by feeling much better about my situation I am attracting in the positive energy that will expand my joy and my bank account. 

I must add, i’m also locking in my next barefoot investor meeting as I know that prayer must also be accompanied by action.

So right now i’m working on my self and writing out my manifestation list whilst putting aside some money for a financial advisor. 

So is my money fear justifiable? It's hard to say.



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