Surrender your Human Potential Surrender your Human Potential

Surrender your Human Potential

By Isabella Gillespie

Surrender your Human Potential Surrender your Human Potential


There is a voice within every human heart that whispers our Name.

It speaks of an unpathed road stretching endlessly towards golden horizons, each far landscape dissolving into the next and you walk on into the infinity of imagination. It is the voice that deems us all pilgrims of this world. It is the impulse of the search, that distant place where the midday sun glows iridescent upon our skin and we become immortal, like gods. With shimmering skin and eyes full of wonder as we stare into the mirage of our making and finally deem that we are worthy. It is the voice that undermines our peace and overrides our doubts. It is the song that cooes us into possibility, and derobes our becoming. It curses us, it squanders our ordinariness and sub texts that we are never enough. It blesses us, it emboldens, it carves us into the people we are. It is the voice of human potential. 

We are familiar with potential, but we are conditioned to recognise it only when it is innately obvious. See see the bloom, not the buds. The celebrities of this world on the thrones of potential in the light of recognition and the rest lay in shadow, gestating the seeds of dreams. Hushing the voice for fear it may lead us into vulnerability. Naked and open to the criticisms of a carefully constructed social order, that lives most ardently within our own minds. We grieve our potential, we fear it, we yearn for it, we plan towards it, but all these states are a relationship with what was or what might be. And so ultimately, we lose it. We mistake our potential for ordinariness, we give up our potential for 'greatness', we miss out on the rich hidden beauty of our most mundane pursuits. 

What if our obsession with reaching the unreachable potential is fragmented by the way we displace and change ourselves, choose which circumstances are worthy of our full presence and love and which are lesser. We give our coldness to the homeless, we give our warmth to the achieved, we are kind to those we love and guarded and distant to strangers. Our pursuit for potential is skewed by our neglect of the selfless state. Of genuine feeling, active listening, a gentle touch, a conversation with a stranger; simple acts of service that develop wisdom and embolden our personalities. The horizon of potential is an endearing future but it trips us into a state of non-presence. It is the egoic achilles heel, because even the purest dreams can distract us from being active loving participants of this world. We forget to take time, to give a little, to smile, we forget that those string of moments are the tapestry of our potential; it is the sacredly mundane that moulds us. 


Obsessing over our path, our purpose, our potential is like having selective hearing; these beautiful questions are being answered in the most ordinary experiences but our conditioned minds don't see it, don't know our innate worth. We forget that the greatness of our human potential lies in the defiant love of the human heart. An empathetic presence, a genuine conversation, a kind gesture. It may seem like token knowledge, ‘be a good person, be kind’ but have you ever considered it as your most important pursuit?


What if we sacrificed the minds standard of our potential, that place where we are recognised, rewarded and redeemed from the infancy of our mundanity. Where our innocence is unmasked from the misguided quest to 'make something of ourselves'. The most noble path we can walk is an integrated, rounded and embodied consistency of being, of loving not by selectivity but inclusivity. Knowing that same potential is in every human heart, we are all simply at different levels of disillusionment of our worth.


Potential is purified in a heart led existence.


We don’t need more heroes, celebrities, geniuses or lawyers; we need more love. Living fast, kills a feeling life. You can’t ‘do’ at the rate we have come accustomed to and ‘be’ at the depth that is needed. It takes sacrifice to live this way. Slowing down can incur financial loss, but we arn't living to work we are working to live. Rewiring our rhythm is a part of that process. The world is in an unspoken economic crises so why not choose a lifestyle that's a little slower with a lot more integrity. It may just redefine your definition of success. 

So we our surrender potential, we grieve it, we let it go. And in the freedom of acceptance we realise our True Potential, in the depth of our participation with the heart of life. We walk in humility, we walk knowing our worth is not defined by the minds standards of achievement or by any one else's. We have the courage to love, love that blinds us, love that breaks us, love that warms us, love that is rooted and love that surprises us. We open our hearts to the corners of the world where people sit in the shadows, in the grief of their mistaken potential and we touch them, we give them our time and let them know their worth is unshakable and their love is pure. In the simplicity of our gestures we touch the world with our love.


All these sacrifices may go unacknowledged, all the love may not be returned but we are living our human potential. That is how we make the world a better place, that is what we are here for. Service is the most fulfilling action we can take as humans. Selflessly impressing upon the world a piece of our potential, a footprint of love, a touch of hope. 

What if we accomplished everything by simply emanating love in all we do. What if no vocation was greater than another. It is not in what we do, but how we are. The skins we step into every day, the small gestures of love we emanate, the courage of our love. Humility, service, selflessness… these are the heights of our human potential.


“One day, my angel, you will realise you accomplish everything just by appearing amongst us. 
If I thought you heard what I just said and could cash that in - walk off a wealthy person, I could spare myself repeating it, but I don’t mind.
There is really nothing more you can do for us than you having… ever been. 
From a realisation came dawn and every benevolent wave that still spreads out exploring the endlessness of time.” 

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  • I love this so deeply, something I needed to hear. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this with us all. Xxx

    Clair on

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