Being in Balance is: Being - In Love.



Being in Balance is Be-ing - In Love. 



Fall in love with yourself... its where freedom lies... in the unconditional embrace of the self.

Set the false self in flames, rising into personal truth.


There are many different pathways to the same light. It is the same thread that flows through idea of religions, god, spirituality, the higher self, connection to nature, wholeness, yoga, enlightenment… There are countless tools and techniques we have learned and refined, experienced and shared; wisdom accumulated through the ages that should all be honoured.


These incredible stories that have danced their way through spoken words, through poetry, in art, tribal story and on the very walls of our oldest caves. The same symbols and experiences, the same teachings, the same language, the very geometric structure of the worlds greatest sites. They are the weaving threads of history... and they all tell the Greater story of humanity, through the lens of consciousness. And how humanity has experienced 'god' or these en-'light'ened states.


The human experience of enlightenment, or higher consciousness, deserves attention. Awaken your curiosity! For the human heart has much to account for, and these experiences of magic, pull the centre of our hearts with this knowing, this sense of truth. The truth is magnetic, and your heart will always pick it up if you listen. Children, they are born knowing.


The ecstasy, the nirvana, the light at the end of the tunnel. When we ascend the veil of illusion, all the stories remain the same. There is an indescribable joy… someone described it to me, as swimming through textures of love. 

 Be curious... 


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