The Bridge.

This journey to oneness.

Madness turned miracle.

The tenderness of love,

Born and blessed,

In the womb of solitude,

In the realm of dreaming,

In the messages of forgotten magic,

In the exploration of an opening heart,

And an awakening body.


The taming of the burning embers,

Anticipating the flame,

Softening the blisters 

That a heart on fire brings.



Tastes of gratitude.

The tender touch of wandering visions,

Oversized by the mind,


By self doubts obsession.



Weathered by a weakened heart,

To be revealed and softened against

Like dripping dry toes into the waters,

of Great Love.

After years of walking bare,

In the blistering desert.


The great journey of separation.

The marvellous mirage of the mind.

The sea of salt,

blurs my eyes,

I walk, 

Through darkness. 



Before me are deep waters,

Liquid ice to my tender heart.

Burning with relief and wariness.

This element is fluid,

Ever changing form.


It is never calm, nor known.


The void of the heart, 

Goes but deeper,

And further

Beyond the Beyond.


I am unsteady in my sureness,

I am uneasy in my wakeful heart.

She cooes me with memories

Of a warriors world,

Where the poets passion rules untamed,

Caring not who insanity deems himself to be.


But asking,


For surrender.


Daring me,

Dragging me in.








The metal in your heart,

Beckoning me,

To turn it all to gold.


I am the dreamer in the dreaming,

The lover exploring the beloved.

Sensitively aware,

That i am floating in the ethers,

Of imagination.


Gently wondering,

If i am but a mind gone mad.

In the desire for love.


Exposing how love turns the mind senseless,

Exposing the impurities of a love,

Impassive to its loving.



How passion blurs your sureness,

And leaves you trying to walk,

like a fish on the sand.


The lessons are being tender,


Self Love.



The wind wills to blow,

And my heart must bear the strength,

To see through the veils of separation,

And remain.

In peace.


I am being gifted,

With the smirking eyes of time,

Of knowing before the beloved,

Of what is and is to be.


Lessons bearing fruit,


To concrete my awareness,

Like heavy weights to my feet.

So I can dive,

And sink into,

The ethers of you.


Dissolving into spirit,

Breathing underwater.

Transcending the time of the known,


Into the depths of all existence.


To the phosphorescent skeletons,

Of a bodiless soul.


To the marrow of the mystery,

To you,

To me.


This journey to Oneness...

Madness turned miracle.

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