The Naked Truth The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

By Isabella Gillespie

The Naked Truth The Naked Truth

Raw, Feminine, Beauty. 

The female mind is often dominated by an addiction to knowing: do i look good? The media plays a giant role in our current ideas of normality in which leaving our bodies to its natural state is like taking a page out of the new-age extremist hippy book. In our new reality it’s more suited to be a tad obsessive and a touch insecure with a giant cupboard of products holding the secret to a dual-identity. So we buy, chop and change every minute detail of our femininity to maximise, minimize and re-size our boobs, butts, thighs, arms, face and nose. Almost achieving a “cut and paste” image we retrieve from some corner of the raging media network of ‘feminine beauty’ and then we touch it up with some friendly old foundation.

So... is it simple, where does the issue lie?

Well, it’s an issue that permeates just about everything. Feminine beauty is a mix and match model of the slim-fit perfectionism showering women through all outlets of the media. But to that end, wrestling with our modern reality would be a neverending blame game. Of course, the media is a giant piece of the puzzle and we all know it's got its dirty fingers in just about every social issue these days. The other part, not so widely felt or understood, is a subtle disconnect from ourselves. This disconnect can be specifically drawn down to issues we have with the way we look. The illusion that we need a potion of products and a perfect balance of curve to bone.

This idea is not a reflection of a weakness within us that we need to feel ashamed of; rather it is an aspect of ourselves we need to be aware of from a place of non-judgement and forgiveness. The reality of self-image issues is a thread to all women in the modern, westernised world and if we don’t realise that this aspect we see in other women is also within ourselves we are denying femininity a gateway for change.

The phenomenal power of womanhood is still largely untapped. The power is lying dormant, clouded by judgements of ourselves and thus of women as a whole. The patriarchy´s ability to dominate our world is a reality partly because our own ideas of what women are as sexual objects or the underdogs, allow for these perceptions to propagate. Our sexuality is powerful and an important aspect of who we are, it lives in the rhythms and flows of our bodies and has long been overlooked and materialised into the marketing mix. The power of the feminine figure is well known to the world, within the realms of our child bearing bodies also lies a billion dollar industry of the feminine figure. The feminine figure being a symbol for sex and sex sells.

Follow the money, the big businesses are paid, the models are paid but who is paying them? Mostly, it is women. Advertisements exploiting the female body are most commonly products aimed at women, for women, by women. We are the consumers and the consumed and we are living the repercussions of the sex culture we accept. Denied the right to openly express our sexuality without becoming a sexual object we come to express ourselves as a sexual object so as to identify with our sexuality. We become our own downfall, swept into a cycle of objectification that seems unbreakable.

But it isn't.

We need only to realise that our sexuality does not need a male (or female) counterpart to allow itself to be expressed. Instead we can appreciate our womanhood from within ourselves unapologetically and begin the process of building a strong, powerful frame for knowing who we are. Once we appreciate this within ourselves, without the need for a partner to recognise it, our sexual relationships transform into something else.

Within every woman and every man there is feminine and masculine energy. In Jungian psychology it is referred to as anima and animus – the male has an inner feminine as the woman has an inner masculine. Counterparts that exist within every human, the yin and yang, light and dark, male and female. So the feminine that’s in you? It´s your creative, empathetic, intuitive, feeling and visionary part of your body. This empathy, this understanding of one another is a key aspect in the stride towards gender equality. We need to appreciate the personal struggles women have with their bodies without making each-other feel that it is a weakness and a vulnerability if shared. Because it is a collective issue and one we must face together.

Re-shaping the widespread ideals of feminine beauty, means that WOMEN have to invest our divine understanding, acceptance and energy into the issue. The power lies in our perceptions of ourselves and of one-another. An acceptance of raw beauty is a wave of change. Why? Because women make up 51% of the globe's population and if we can empower these women and connect to the feminine, the fight for gender equality will not only progress, but fundamentally shift. Instead of fighting for women or fighting for men, we will fight for the feminine and masculine energies within us all and stop making “gender boxes” for people to fit inside. Gender equality is tied to an array of big issues that can be attacked from any which way, but most major issues have an observable core that affects every detail of big changes we see in the world.

An empowered woman can enact great change, a disempowered cannot. This is not to say that every woman should become empowered in the sense of fighting wars, overthrowing governments and running headlong into the world of inequalities. But rather to subtly shift gender dynamics in our own society on our own terms. The core issue trapped inside a galaxy of gender inequality is our need to understand beauty for what it is… the naked, natural you.


  • Beautiful feelings for one another must the heart grown fonder

    Gordon Clark on

  • Thank you deeply for these words that you have woven. This is so relevant to me right now, and inner processes taking place. Thank you for this wisdom.

    Alexandra Taylor on

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