Time is of the essence.


“If you want to be in touch with reality you must know what real timing is. If you know that you will always be on time. Not five minutes before or five minutes past, but the exact moment when any given situation will have the best possible chance of success” The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl

Time has been constructed loosely, by the cycles of nature and formulated logically by the vatican. We can be enslaved by it and we can be so afraid when it is running out.


What if we had the revelation that time is malleable and adaptable to our own agendas?

An old mentor of mine once coined the term “Shamanic Timing” in her efforts to control Time. This wasn’t the first time I had heard of someone making Time abide by own her rules (similar concept in Neil Dondald Walsh’s, Conversations with God) but I loved the term and decided to incorporate it into my own life. We all know that time can stretch out when we have a tedious task at hand or it can be fleeting when we don’t want something to come to an end. We are familiar with the term 'time flies when you're having fun'.

What does Shamanic Timing mean exactly…?

I don’t meant to say that I can literally change the amount of minutes in an hour. However there is a way if I shift my gaze away from the ticking clock that I can manipulate time to work in my favour.

For example If i am running late for and important interview and I call, “Shamanic Timing” out to the unseen forces, call it god, or the universe, or nature itself; then I am able to fall into a space of working alongside Time.

Perhaps the interviewers previous session ran overtime and they didn’t even notice that I slipped into the waiting room 10 minutes late. Perhaps the interviewer was caught up in traffic and arrived at the same 'time'.

This theory, (saviour of mine) absolutely must be backed up by belief, or even greater than belief - a knowing (knowing everything is going to be ok). Leaving the logistics up to the higher forces at work here. Don’t stress your nervous system and adrenals any more than they already are from your coffee addiction and start to use time to your own advantage.

Start to see time working in your favour.

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