We are equal, because we're different.


No two people are born the same. We have different anatomy types designed to carry out different functions. Our genetic makeup both in our own ancestral lineage and in our genders carves out a unique signature of our human forms. And yet, what has sustained our evolution through all these centuries is not the coming together of what is similar; but of what is different.


Opposites attract. This is a biochemical impulse, our natural instincts to create the strongest bloodline. We are drawn to merge, and create new life from the best (and worst) of two worlds. We bring to the world our greatest selves and our worst. We meet our likeness in one another and find comfort and safety in that, but true growth is always born from the friction of difference.


Evolution is a process of transmutation.


When partners come together, our deepest shadow selves are triggered; pushed into the light to be transformed. This is the work, the vocation, of love.. not to dissolve us into an etenal bliss of infatuation, but to magnetically pull us in to those who hold the power of loving transmutation. Love is a process of dying, and becoming new. Of falling in and falling out, of rechoosing our partners again and again and again.


When women take ‘the pill’ what happens to the body, is a kind of trickery of miscommunication, the body believes it is pregnant and ceases to produce eggs. The biochemical structure of the body then changes what women are attracted to. During the pill (during pregnancy) we are attracted to people who have similar dna, personality types and energies to our family of origin; this is our bodies way of telling us we need to be surrounded by nurturance and safety (whether we experienced these things in childhood or not).


However seeing as women who take the pill are more likely to be seeking love, sex and partners; this magnetism translates into the type of men, or women, they are attracted to. In our natural state, our bodies are (generally) attracted to partners with different dna, personality types and traits; so as to procreate with the best of both worlds so to speak. That is how we evolve. When we deny the natural state of the body, we are altering our process of evolution. If we are telling the body we don’t need our fertility, perhaps it is not too distant that infertility will be widespread. How far can we go with our denial of nature? How much can we take?


Nature’s holds all of the information, all of the wisdom and teachings and all of the elements that we know as life; it is a life force that is coded with all that is needed to create and sustain life. It is a code of balance, of equality. It is a harsh and beautiful truth that death always gives way to new life, and new life is meant to give way to death. When we look to nature we don’t see one type of flower, plant or tree; we see the masculine and the feminine and the beautiful roles and differences they embody.


Life on earth is primal and it is animalistic, two parts of our human selves we have rejected and pushed into the shadows. We have rejected the wildness of our landscapes as much as we have the wild animal nature of ourselves. Even the world itself seems more tame, popularised and tainted by marketing and self image propagation. How would we know any different? For we no longer truly know the wild; the untouched wilderness, for these places are now rare and eternally threatened.


We want to stay clean, clothed and in control.

Exactly what nature is not.


A woman birthing a child is the greatest tribute to our wild nature. When women birth, they have no choice but to surrender themselves to the forces of their body, a deeper inner strength, the primal forces of bleeding, excreting, ripping, opening; following the guttural sounds of their body wisdom as vessels of nature and her most beautiful creative force.


We are at a threshold between dystopia or our wildest dreams. Which way will we turn? Perhaps our dystopian films have been acting as dream boards of our future, desensitizing us to this potential reality; where instead we need learn to see with the eyes of imagination. There is always a choice. We are not doomed to one future, we each are channels of intuition, insight, prophecy, creative intelligence, dreams and imagination. All of which are the tools of rediscovery, of who are are as a species, and at our deepest most essential core.

We are woman, we are man, we are equal because we are different.


  • Music to my soul. The truth I carry but always let lie. I wish we could all live in our wildest way always!

  • Love. Thank you. Beautifully expressed

    Kayleigh Blue
  • Such a beautiful, powerful truth.
    Thank you


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