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We are the creators of our reality. 


Many people might disagree or are uncomfortable with this idea. Why so? Because it implies responsibility. We get to choose how we see, hear, feel, think and act… or don´t act. We make the choices that create our lives… from the physical to the quantum. It is just a matter, or fact, that we are not always aware, or conscious, of those choices we’re making. We are half asleep. In the subconscious mind.


And, it seems in our coma… we have all been missing out on a pretty big secret. 


This ‘secret’ is all to do with the power of the mind. Hitler knew it, most powerful leaders understood it; it is the power of the mind to create reality. And as always, power became a game and the ancient knowledge that was once shared became repressed and stigmatised as 'hippy notions' without having a place in the 'real world'. 


Yet! Within us lies the seed of transformation waiting for the prana of positive thoughts to reprogram the subconscious mind. A powerful tool! All it takes is a little awareness and the choice to grow.


A common collective belief is that our thoughts just run the way they do, playing loop-de-loop of lots of busy things that really don´t account to much. And so, for many, life remains more or less the same. The same patterns, the same weeks, the same problems. Most of us have no idea just how much our thoughts are the leaders of our body, and our lives. I say lead, because without conscious awareness in our thinking, the subconscious beliefs we hold, which we are mostly unaware of, are at the forefront of the words, choices, actions and directions our lives take. Leadership does not always work for the good. That is why we aim to shift our inner system from the leader (the subconscious) to the master (the conscious). And that is in a nutshell, what we are on this planet to do. The Great Soul School of Planet Earth. 


You may say that we are doing our best to get by. We work hard and try to  make time for the things we like doing. But the fact is that life can be better than that. Life can be easier than that. Life can blow your mind, open your heart and burn all your barriers down… just like that. But only, if you, become the conscious creator of your life.



How far does this idea expand… surely, I did not ´create´ my car breaking down or that stranger who robbed me, those events were specifically out of my control. They happened to me… Well technically yes, and technically no. You see, we have all heard of the Law of Attraction, we know the fundamentals because we went through it once in science class or saw it in a movie. But how much do you really understand this idea, or this reality. Lets explore..


We are all connected. There are the same patterns, the same laws that govern all of our lives, the laws of karma, the law of attraction, the laws of nature. They all have the same tone. We are connected to all things, through all times and places. There is a ripple effect, the butterfly effect, the delicate balance of every thought, word or action. This is because this universe is made of vibration and light, and so every thought you have sends out a specific vibration, every emotion, every word, every colour, every sound. And like an echo, it rings out into the world, making your call heard, interacting with other vibrations until the same frequency meets and boomerangs back to you.


Our well known and beloved Greek philosopher Plato was already playing with, or arguably established, the idea circa 391 BC, “like tends towards like”. Thats a pretty long time ago.


“Philosopher V. Stenger´s paper ´Cosmic Mind´ quotes physician Robert Lanza as follows: “We are all the ephemeral forms of a consciousness greater than ourselves”. The mind of every human being is instantaneously connected to each other as “a part of every mind existing in space and time”. According to Lanza, Stenger notes, quantum mechanics tells us that all human minds are united in one mind and “the entities of the universe - electrons, photons, galaxies, and the like - are floating in a field of mind that cannot be limited within a restricted space or period.” 



How does it work?

The Law Of Attraction = The Energy Of Attraction

In his 1902 lecture entitled “Waves in Water, Air and Ether” given at the Royal Institution, J. A. Fleming said:

“All branches of physical science demonstrate the fact that every completed manifestation, of whatever kind and on whatever scale, is started by the establishment of a nucleus, infinitely small but endowed with an unquenchable energy of attraction.”


Mmmmm and UNQUENCHABLE ENERGY of ATTRACTION. Meaning, you have to want it, mind, body, heart, soul. Wanting it with your soul, so to speak, means it should be good for you. What you want should make your life better, and not just superficially. I.E wanting lots of money lacks depth. Money is not an evil, it is not a treasure. It is a medium, the exchange. It is our tool, to create experiences. 


Its time to transform our money stories. 


Manifest what you would do with money, get to the root of your passions. Your wildest dreams… for the universe works in mysterious ways and money is not always the avenue to realise your dreams. Life teaches you along the way.


The key to manifesting, the key to life itself, is the power of the IMAGINATION. It is here, through this curious avenue that we become masters of the universe. By visualising what you desire and letting the experience of it vibrate throughout your body in waves of pleasure, your body believes that the experience is in fact real. And why isn’t it? If you can feel it deeply, see it, almost touch and taste it…. who says dreams aren’t reality? What makes something real anyway? It is the mind. 

And we all have our very own, so it makes sense to make your own reality. 


Imagine that…


William Walker Atkinson wrote in his book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” that:

“The more Desire you have for a thing, the more you Love it; and the more you Love it, the greater will be the attractive force exerted toward its attainment - both within yourself, and outside of you.”


(What you want, wants you.)

So, concluding, we are limitless beings. The constrains we find ourselves in, they are but a creation of the belief that we are limited. All the beliefs that live in our amazing mushy mystical minds, they are your greatest power. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Change your beliefs and you will change the world around you.



check it out in depth ——


  1. William Walker Atkinson. Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction. Advanced Thought Publishing. 1906.

1.   Stenger, V. Cosmic Mind


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