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Birth Doula Offering 

My Name is Anna Townsend and I am passionate about Woman, rites of passage, healing, Birth, pregnancy, Movement, bodywork, creativiy and creating community.


I was called to Birth work through my work in holding women's circle and hearing a common thread of trauma during Birth. I believe every birth is sacred and is an initiation. I am here to support woman to have the most empowered and transformational birth she deserves.

I provide support from a space of non-judgment honoring your own individual needs and decisions allowing for you to feel respected and heard along your journey of birth.

My work is always shaped to work with each client individually as all birthing Mamas require unique support. There will be plenty of cups of tea, yummy treats, meditation, movement and time to build our relationship so you feel comfortable, at ease and wholeheartedly supported by me on your birthing journey. I aim to empower you and any birthing partners or families members of your to support you in the way that you need.

Please email me for a free meetup over tea to see if we are the right fit. 

A doula is an important person along your birth journey and I believe there will be somone who is perfect fit to support you and if that is not me I can connect you with other local Doulas. 

Deeper insight into Doula Package/s?

Information about 1 on 1 sessions. 

These sessions are intuitive and a co-created space of healing with me and Mama they could look like the following. 

1:1 Deep healing session. Clearing negative energy from your metaphysical space Working through previous birth trauma. 

1:1 Fears and Mindset process - awakening your intuition and trust in yourself 

1:1 Relaxation and birth preparation- birthing breath and single pointed focus 

1:1  Relaxation and Restorative Meditation,  A meditative Drum Journey to meet with your baby's soul. 

1:1    Birth Breath and position Practice 

1:1 Birth Vision and writing your birth Plan- a meditative journey to envision you ideal birth. Returning and writing a more formal nitty gritty birth plan with you.

Your partner can join for the birth vision session if it suits you both or you can share with them after and share what their role will be and how they can best support you.

We will create together a Personalized birth preferences document covering all stages of labour and after. 

Together we will explore the physiology of birth, build confidence and trust in the intelligence of your birthing body and discuss your birth options, rights and desires to create a birth vision that's guided from within. 

Go over Tools and techniques for your partner (if you have one) to assist you during pregnancy and labour.


I will also hold the vision of your birth and bring it into my meditation practice to help co-create and hold the vision together with you. 

Labour and Birth 

Holding Space during Labor- On call from 37 weeks being with you in early labour (from your call) 

During your birth I will be there to help create a safe and gentle atmosphere for you to have an empowered Birthing experience and for your baby to gently land earthside. 

I will be as hands off as possible unless called to massage, use pressure points, use hot or cold towel. Guide you to change positions. Guide your breath. Use your personalised birth affirmations with you. Make sure the music is relaxing. Use my medicine drum and flute if you need. Take photos/videos. We will discuss in your birth vision everything that you may/ may not want for you birth.


Post Natal 

I specialise in empowering woman and preparing for birth and I reccomend finding alternative support for you post partum period. I can reccomend local post partum Doulas 

Birth Debrief plus energy/ body work deep relaxation for mama. Gentle massage with supportive Oils.

Closing Birth Portal ceremony when mama is called to do so.An individual tailored ritual to close down the portal that is opened as you bring your baby to earth. In many cultures around the world, ceremony is used to close the birth portal and this can be done any time after a woman has given birth. 

This is a deep meditative ritual to honour your sacred rite of passage of birthing and energetically cosing down the portal that is opened to bring your baby from spirit to earth.

Placenta Ritual

I believe your Babies Placenta is a part of their being and should be cared for with respect. Depending on your personal choice I can help facilitate ritual around your Placenta.

I can offer a Placenta Ritual after the baby is born. Help with cord burning. Or herbs for Lotus birth. Guide placente burial ceremony.

Additions to Doula Package at an extra cost. 

Mother Blessing Ceremony- Facilitated by Me 

A sacred ceremony co-created with you or by me and held by me to anchor a ritualise this profound transition and nourish you. 

A circle of women honouring as you transition from maiden to mother. Or Mother of another child.

Cost: $180 link her to purchase 

Pregnancy Photography Session with Isabella Wilde accompanied by me for support.

A 1 hour photoshoot in nature or your place of choosing. 

Naked or clothed or both your preference and we will support you in your vulnerability.

cost $450 link here to purchase 

Placenta Extras - Lily from Placenta Temple

Lily is a Placenta Specialist and Post Partum Doula I highly reccomend her for your Post Partum needs.

Some oo Lily's offerings include: Placenta encapsulation,Placenta Prints,Cord Resin Casting

link to Lily's website for more information and to make bookings.