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1:1 Healing Preparation for Birth

The Hemp Temple


These session are for Pregnant people in your second or 3rd trimester who feel the call to dive within and clear our energetic body for birth.

The session involves

Energetic and Emotional Release through breath, sound and movement.

We Birth how we live and often what arise within the profound initation of birth is patterns that we have lived with since our developing year.

In the second trimester of pregnancy there is room for doing deep emotional release work and this can activate and effect the way you birth.

Sunni Karl - says in her book. The pain in childbirth comes from repressed emotion. 

Our throat is deeply connected to our pelvis and so in these session we often use voice to clear and open and gain awareness.


These sessions can also be a time to share and fears that are arising as they naturally can during pregnancy. We can track where these fears stem from and move forward feeling more confident in ourselves.

The session will be approx 1.5hours