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“Love is powerful. It can bring the gods to their knees.” 


The Aphrodite is 100% raw woven hemp, in a natural white/cream colour. This piece was hand sourced in the valleys of Nepal. This hemp was wildcrafted upon the Himalayas, where it gets sent to many villages to hand spin and weave into a variety of fabrics; creating work for small villages and regenerating the mountain soils. 

There are only two available, this piece will not be restocked. 

Why Hemp?

Naturally abundant, Hemp is the most eco-friendly of all fibres. Nothing is wasted in the Hemp fibre production process. 

Requiring no pesticides & little water, Hemp is incredibly versatile, strong and regenerative. 

Per acre, Hemp produces more fibre than cotton, linen, bamboo and even trees. 

The soil is renewed with each growth cycle, creating a fertile and balanced ecosystem, empowering community and connection.