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Birth Debrief Session

The Hemp Temple

What is a Birth Debrief Session 

Birth is often the biggest experience of your life and however you have birthed your baby and yourself into a mother or a mother or more children there are gifts and lessons and can also be repressed emotion or feelings of not being heard or seen. 

A Birth debrief session will include you sharing your Birth Story or previous Birth stories with me. I will hold deep loving space for you to express and release any stored emotion from your story. 

These sessions are deep and through sharing and being witnessed you're able to integrate your birth and gather your power.


If you had a challenging or traumatic birth, Birth debriefing can be profoundly healing.

As you will share your story and sometimes it can be deeply emotionally remembering make sure you have the time and space to regulate afterwards. You may feel the need to rest. 

 The session will go for approximately 1.5hours 

You will leave feel held, heard, seen and validated.