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Chumpi one

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Vintage Handwoven Q'ero Chumpi Belt

It is with reverence we partner with the indigenous Q’ero in Peru to share the ancient weaving of the Q’ero women. 

A chumpi - belt is an ancient and layered Q’ero word which references both the art of weaving sacred cloth around the waist as well as the belts of living energy that surround the human body to make up the human ‘bubble’ or energy field. Traditionally worn by women around the womb, to protect this energy field and protect women, from picking up any negative energies through the receptive centre of the womb. In many cultures, the womb is known to be the energetic centre of a woman's body. The oldest shamanic lineages on earth predate to the womb shamans, or Shamankas, whose medicine would come from shamanic journeying through the womb portal in trance induced states, similar to what plant medicines achieve now.  A chumpi is traditionally worn in ceremony, celebration, menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum. They are also used to support lower back problems, and to secure swaddled infants. 


Each of these belts are completely one of a kind, woven by sheeps wool and alpaca. Ordering these sacred items helps preserve the earth based spirituality and sacred teachings of the Q'ero by directly supporting the lives of the family from whom we wholesale and their connecting villages. We were fortunate enough to hand pick each belt and learn directly of the energetic power of the Chumpi as a protection for the womb.

These vintage belts vary in dimensions as each is handmade and unique with slight fraying or inclusions to the fabric as they date to 80-150 years old, holding the heritage and woven song of the Q’ero culture. 


Please note that the belts will look different on each body, tying differently depending upon shape and size. They can be tied from front to back, or back to front, depending on where you want the tie to sit. Belt strings which are attached to the belt, can always be changed and re-sewn to your own chosen color or length by visiting your local thrift shops or haberdasheries. In this way the sizing can shift to fit better, as your shape changes in the seasons of life. 

Fair Exchange

Each of these belts were purchased at a fair wage price of approximately $180 aud each, from the indigenous family from whom we wholesale - who we call Mami. We have chosen this relationship by intuition in our days of meeting in Peru, with a sense that she is trustworthy, honest and by way of that, honors the fair distribution and exchange of the sacred weavers work or villages from who they purchase. These prices have then been increased to factor in travel costs/postage & the basic profit margin to be able to sustain this relationship. 

“The Q’ero are descendants of the ancient Incas and their medicine people, known as “Paqos,” still use their hands to craft their story telling textiles.  

By weaving these beautiful and meaningful stories, these medicine men and women are preserving and sharing their healing knowledge, beliefs and traditions. Their main philosophy is “Ayni”, which means reciprocity and includes balance and harmony with the Earth and with each other.”

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Chumpi one
Chumpi one
Chumpi one