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Birth Doula Package

The Hemp Temple

Doula Package. Available in Margaret River an Surrounds


Free Consultation meeting over tea to see if we are the right fit.  - Book this session to meet me. If we have already met you can go ahead and book package.

3 x 1:1 Deep Healing Session with Mama and Me. A 2 hour session to release fears and any previous birth trauma.

At least 2 meetups with your other birth support (partner, midwife) and children who will be present at Birth. 

I will be On call from 37 weeks - ready to come to your side for your birthing.

On your Birthing day - I will be at your birth through entire labour supporting you physically and emotionally. Creating the most serene space for Physiological birth to occur. Ensure that your space is sacred- candles, birthing playlist. We will have co-created a birth vision so I know exactly how to support you guide of course by my own intuition as well. 

Cook your first After birth Meal - together we can choose what you'd like to eat after you have birthed. I will recommend nourishing easy to digest meals as your digestion will have slowed to birth your baby.

Placenta -create ceremony with you alongside your preferences. Cord burning, placenta burial option or support with Lotus Birth (keeping placenta attached until it separates naturally) Your placenta plan will be in your birth plan.

2 x postpartum visits (2 hours each) These two visits will be to support you in whatever way is necessary. We can debrief your birth, I could massage your shoulders, offer support with breastfeeding, give you energy healing or clean your kitchen and put on a load of washing.

I'll help set up a mealtrain so your friends/family can deliver nourishing food.

Ongoing Phone call support throughout pregnancy to support you emotionally and address any questions or concerns.

For more in depth information of what each of my session include follow this link Birth Doula 

I can also lend you Books on pregnancy and recommendation Birth Podcast and Documentaries.

Mama Blessing, Pregnancy Photography Session and closing the Birth Portal Ceremony  can be purchased separately on their own without having me as your Doula. 

Birth Doula Package
Birth Doula Package