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1/2 Doula Package

The Hemp Temple

1/2 Doula Package. Available in Margaret River an Surrounds

I have made this 1/2 package as I understand the importance of support on your birthing journey when finances are allocated elsewhere. I want to support with the depth and love that I support all of my mamas and have curated this half package for mama's who would love my support however don't have the means for my standard package. 

If you have the funds I highly recommend my standard package and choosing the most in depth emotional, spiritual, physical, sisterly, motherly, grandmotherly support.

Birth is a portal, Birth is an initiation, a sacred rite of passage. Along the journey of pregnancy you physically and emotionally purge, all that is hidden beneath the surface rises up for you to see and for you to process. You gain wisdom of what needs to heal so that it doesn't keep creating a pattern in your family line.

Although you truly have the power within you to grow on your own. Like all Initations it is valuable to have support and guidance from Allies and Birth or other wisdom keepers to hold space for you through your letting go process and transformational process of Pregnancy and Birth

Free Consultation meeting over tea to see if we are the right fit.  - Book this session to meet me. If we have already met you can go ahead and book my Doula package. Please email me at anna.hemptemple@gmail.com or text me on 0439936926 to organise an initial tea catchup.

A 1:1 Deep Healing Session with Mama and Me. This is 2-3 hour session to release fears and any previous birth trauma.

2 meetups with your other birth support (partner, midwife) and children who will be present at Birth.  At these meetings I will suggest other ways you can prepare for birth. Movements, Breath, meditation and Affirmations. 

On call from 37 weeks 

On your Birthing day - Be at your birth through entire labour supporting you physically and emotionally. Creating the most serene space for Physiological birth to occur. Ensure that your space is sacred- candles, birthing playlist. 

Placenta -create ceremony with you alongside your preferences. Cord burning, placenta burial option or support with Lotus Birth (keeping placenta attached until it separates naturally) 

1 x postpartum visit 

Post Partum meal and help set up a mealtrain so your friends/family can deliver food.

Ongoing Phone call support throughout pregnancy to support you emotionally and address any questions or concerns.

For more in depth information of what each session entails follow this link Birth Doula 

Lend you Books on pregnancy and recommendation Birth Podcast and Documentaries.

*Mama Blessing and  Birth Photography Session can be purchased with package. 

More info about mama blessing here

More info about Birth Photography Session here 

1/2 Doula Package
1/2 Doula Package