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The Hemp Temple

A deep journey into the metaphysics of the trauma body, the field of healing, the control programme and the shamanic dimensions. You’ll receive tools and processes to start 1:1 sessions and hold group releases and circles. 

The first two months consist of deep Shamanic healings and gathering your spiritual team/guides. I then teach the metaphysics of what has been happening in the space, with you already fully embodied in the teachings. You will then practice the simple yet deep technique of the Temple Process, with your spiritual and psychic gifts activated, ready for your clients trauma release and soul retrieval. 

We activate the ancient voice of your Healer, your embodied sound to open portals and heal others. We also activate your soul language, this will feel like coming home, your inner child ready to share what it’s been holding safe for you. 

I teach in a way that, by the time I give you the theory and the process you already know exactly what’s going on. Because we have been doing it together for months. 

I teach you everything as an embodied somatic experience. 

Your energetic field is your Empathic field to read and track your clients blockages, trauma and entities. 

It’s a shamanic journey into the dimensions of releasing trauma. I give you the tools and confidence to safely navigate the void. 

Fortnightly 1:1 sessions, 3 groups sessions, followed by 1:1 training with women from the container. Catered to times that work for you.

The Cost is $3000 AUD -  $500 deposit, this includes an initial session, before we start the journey. Payment plans available - Full payment due by the last session. 

For inquiries contact Brittany on 0456216980 - Whattsapp 

All my love