The Rose Black
The Rose Black
The Rose Black

The Rose Black

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“But he who dares not grasp the thorn 
Should never crave the rose.” 

~ Anne Bronte

The Rose

The rose dress is a perfect all season style. Gathered back and loosely frilled ends, with grace and comfort you will live in this piece.

Available in size 10-12 (model wears) and 12-14.

Our fabric is a Himalayan traditional weave blend of organic hemp and organic cotton. Naturally abundant, Hemp is the most eco-friendly of all fibres. Nothing is wasted in the Hemp fibre production process. Requiring no pesticides & little water, Hemp is incredibly versatile, strong & regenerative. Organic cotton is soft, and gives our fabric its delicacy. Per acre, Hemp produces more fibre than cotton, linen, bamboo & even trees. The soil is renewed with each growth cycle, creating a fertile & balanced ecosystem, empowering community & connection.

General care:

Our fabric is delicate and softly woven. Please cold hand wash, to care for your purchase. Sun dry only.