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Womb Balm

The Hemp Temple

A highly potent balm for muscle inflammation. Incredible for menstrual pain - as it sinks in and penetrates the deep tissue, which also makes it a medicinal must have for muscle aches and pains.

A wonder-balm for a woman's cycle. Instant relief & deep nourishment, a perfect self care and self loving practice. 

Thick texture as based in bee's wax as an incredible carrier of the motherplant, Qunubu. Warm balm in you palm, take a deep breath into your womb and gently massage to apply. Also excellent to share with your partner for pain relief and connection through loving touch.

Ingredients list
Qunubu Formulation - All Organic Purest source sense-aye

Local Beeswax Karri Jarrah Redgum 
Local olive oil
Coconut oil
Home grown Comfrey
Chamomile flower natural antihistamine
Cold pressed Apricot kernel oil
Magnesium salt oil
Cold pressed Rosehip oil
Coconut syrup
Himalayan Sea salt
Womb Balm
Womb Balm