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In Crises, Come Together

In Crises, Come Together

Our government is

Stealing our future

to fatten their pockets

Still we allow it,

with 200 species becoming extinct

Every 24 hours

We have a 12 year window

Before it’s too late.

Every decision

Passive or active

Has a weight

We stand at the crossroads

Where complacency

Is a choice

It’s in our hands

And silence has a voice

While the future is cashed in

a political roulette

By an archaic system

Built on corruption and theft

Coal is killing life on earth

But that crime goes unchecked.

Where is the morality

Where is the justice?

As they set our house on fire

And leave the burning up to us

Killing life, is a violation of our human rights

You still think this isn’t your fight?

When the children ask,

If we noticed the signs,

If we were frontline on the fight of our times

Will we tell them of the solutions we dismissed

That life used to coexist

But now

they will never be kissed

By the rainbows of the reefs,

Or the wonder of this unique existence.

This is not

a resistance.

For the ground beneath their plastic thrones is breaking

And the earth will not discriminate

We are bound together

By the planet

By our love, and by our hate.

We have one motivation

A living planet


Still civil disobedience is met with

unjust incarceration

While those greedy corporate cowards

Cash in their debt to our


If we miss this window

We won’t blame the minority

Because we know the truth

The 99 is the authority

We have the power to save the climate

They think we’re powerless to their say,

For every move they make we’ll fight it

We are not slaves to the system

We can and will resist em’

In our hands we hold a seed.

To change the future dissolve the greed,

It is time for every one of us,

To lead.


Art by *@jub.kate

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