Heirloom Pachamama in Sage


Sacred Activism, Sacred Threads

The time of cheap profit and selfish gains is at an end.

We believe in the power of Hemp as a living agent of change and the embodiment of hope in sight of the rejuvenation and stabilisation of our environments, our global communities and within ourselves. Hemp is an emissary to enhance the quality of the human experience, empowering the people as activists in day to day life.

Hemp is a Revolution in its own right.

Hemp is a miracle plant, with mythic origins and a prophetic fate. When you buy Hemp, you are voting for the people, the planet and a vibrantly organic world.

From the Earth 

For the People

With wild potential, this crop grows in natural abundance and harbours an incredible diversity of pragmatic and widespread purpose in just about every industry. Not only can hemp be used to create plastics, oils, housing, food, paper, medicine, personal hygiene and textiles; it is a crop that rejuvenates the soil. It is designed to be farmed and used in abundance, hemp is the path of harmonisation.

The Hemp Temple isn't just a clothing business.

We're for the planet. 

We are dedicated to sharing new ideas and shaking up old systems to let the sand resettle, in a new way.  Together we carve a path for social change and environmental justice. Earth based and community driven, our mission is to educate and empower.