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We are a team of creative, philanthropic, poetic, shamanic, fiery women. 

Each of us is unique and has a dream to embody our widen vision of Community on Earth. We know that through knowing ourselves and walking in our truth we can inspire others to do so to. 

Our Team is currently 5 women. 

Co-founders Brittany Godden, Isabella Wilde and Anna Townsend 

Our beautiful warehouse and customer service Angel, Lily Rhiannon

and our Marketing manager and Social Media Angel, Viro. 


Brittany Godden - Healer, Clearer and Guide 

working from our temple Brittany offers 1:1 healings in Margaret River to make a booking



Isabella Wilde- Writer, Poet, Photographer, Film maker, Author or Empathic Leadership in Business, Healer and Guide. 

for all enquires,



Anna Townsend - Healer, Doula and Guide 

Anna is a Doula and offers support along your Pregnancy Journey to empower you to make your own choices and follow your intuition through your birthing Journey. She knows that Birth works and is an intiation wether it is your frist second, or 9th birth.  

Anna is passionate about Woman's Work through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond and offers 1:1 healing around Birth Trauma, Early Pregnancy 

Follow this link further info of her offerings  Birth Doula Offering

Follow this link for her 1:1 Healing support 




Lily Rhiannon- Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula owner of Placenta Temple 

where she makes Art and Placenta Remedies. 


Viro- Creatress, Artist, Maker