Sacred Activism Sacred Activism

Sacred Activism

By Isabella Gillespie

Sacred Activism Sacred Activism

We are facing the 6th mass extinction on our planet.

Experts say we have a 12 year window to save life on earth.

So, what can we do?

How do we flock together and make it through that window?

First, we must realise we have wings, and then we must use them to fly.  

I am a Sacred Activist.

There has never been greater time on earth to stand tall, speak loud, join hands and rebel as we unite for one sacred purpose; save the earth.

Without her, we return to stardust. Without her, there is no future. Not only for us, but also for the 9 million species who we share this earth with.

It is time for a new era.

An era of the Sacred Activist.

Activism is the art of endurance.

It is a path of devotion, service and empathy. It is the well walked road of social and political change. It is a road of root actions, in which patience and perseverance fruit into real change. Activism exists on the threshold between the past and the future. Between what was, what is and what could be. Activism is an education, it is a path of self healing and expression, empowerment and connection. It is an identity, it is a value and most of all it is a tribe.

When we think of the activist, our vision doesn’t stray far from the frontline. The revolutionary images of fierce opposition, marches, guns or jail time, yet these are not the only ways to make your voice heard.

There is movement, there is momentum... all around you there are opportunities. 

Amplify The Noise

We are most powerful where our passion lies.

As an incredibly diverse species we work best when we are exalted by the tribes who share our interests, ideologies and ways of being. Not everyone is made for the frontline.

Activism is the art, of showing up. 

How do we show up for what we believe is right? How do we show up for ourselves? How do we show up for our values, for each other, for the earth? 

You have a voice. 

You, Sacred Activist; who shops consciously and advocates for change. You have a voice and it needs to be heard. You have gifts, inspiration and ideas to share. Bring your voice into the art studio, the cafe, the couch and the congress, into your local pub, workplace, your place of worship. We want you to make your voice heard from a place that makes your heart come alive. We can't do this without you. 

We can learn from the leaders of our pasts, from the non-violence of Gandhi, from the unapologetic strength of the civil rights movement, from the femme power of the suffragettes; what made them all successful?


At the heart of all movements, is love. There lies a seed of devotion, adoration, or passion… there is something worth fighting for.

Love is where we find our most fiercely primal power. We can tap into awe inspiring strength, power and courage when we are called to protect what we love.

Yet, if we all love our earth and our children; why isn’t the entire species spurred into action? Why aren’t we all acting as if ‘our house is on fire’?

We are numb.

Anyone who is alive on Earth at this time, knows what it is to be overwhelmed.

As we carry the weight of this window and the burden our predecessors have unconsciously passed on, amongst the daily dramas of our human worlds. Information overload becomes overwhelm, in overwhelm we shut down and find avenues to distract ourselves. Numbing out is a cycle of surface existence, we have to dive deeper to distinguish what is real and what is worth fighting for. Our systems create and endorse a state of unfeeling, with reason. Without feeling, we are complacent to what is and uninspired to what could be.

We have to reawaken our feeling in order to act without destruction.

Activism is either peaceful, or it is violent. Reawakening into feeling, can unveil layers of emotions unprocessed from our past. Emotion is a gateway to change. We can be angry without being aggressive, we can grieve without being vindictive, we can feel without becoming overwhelmed. We are stronger than we think we are.

Self work is sacred activism.

We have to change in order for the world to change, we have to take responsibility for ourselves if we are to take responsibility for our future. We have to learn how to take care of ourselves, to ensure we don't burn out with compassion fatigue. We have to learn to ask for help, to lean on each other and to provide strength for others who need it. We can't do this without compassion, empathy... we can't do this without love.

The choice we now face is not only to act to rectify the ruin, but to find meaning in it. To realise the beauty of what we are fighting for and the power in fighting for something together. To realise what has brought us to this state of catastrophe so that we never repeat our mistakes again.

This Is Your Fight

If you have had an education you are privileged. If you have access to the internet, phones and computers, if you are reading this article; you are privileged. Your education, your knowledge is a gift. Your passions are your power. These are the pathways through which your voice can be heard. 


If humanity turns this ship around, acting as one species for one purpose; the differences that have divided us for millenia will lose their power to divide us forevermore. Perhaps we are being given an opportunity to not only change the future of our planet, but the future of our people as we finally realise that we are interconnected and interdependent. Until we realise, we are One People beyond gender, skin, religion and any other perspective that tries to divide us. We are being given an opportunity to realise what is real and what is not, to remember who we truly are and what it means to be alive.


Sacred Activism is love in action.


Sacred is the home of love, where anything that holds meaning in our lives harbours itself deep in the untouchable recesses of our hearts. Our feeling, our love and empathy renders the Things of our world, sacred and action we take from that place of love is a sacred act. Sacred holds meaning, it has purpose. Sacred is pure, it is non-violent and it is universal.


Though we may be different we are already united in our cause, so how do we artfully walk together in solidarity for change? How do we unify as one, and stand tall as the many?

We must use the gifts we have been given.


5 Steps for Change.

1. Self Educate.

2. Find your niche.

3. Take action.

4. Inspire Others.

5. Make it loud.

It is our sacred duty to act on behalf of those who cannot, to speak on behalf of those who don’t have the words, to march for those who can only reach the borders of their villages. Use the voice you have been given and sing, speak, yell, chant, march and make noise. We will not be silenced.

We want to hear from you!

Email, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook us with what amazing work you are doing or are a part of. What does being a sacred activist mean to you?

There are resources all around, opportunities to join movements for change such as the Extinction Rebellion, Stop Adani, Fight For the Bight, Our Planet. Our Sacred Activist Tees will donate 50% of the profits to different movements per month.

We are Sacred Activists! Let's Come Together For Change. 





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