Honey Halter Raw Honey Halter Raw

Honey Halter Raw



"Life is the flower of which life is the nectar"

Victor Hugo

The Honey Halter

Your staple Spring, Summer halter. Perfect to layer with for colder days, ideal for hot summer nights.  

size 8-12 

Our fabric is a Himalayan traditional weave blend of organic hemp and organic cotton. Naturally abundant, Hemp is the most eco-friendly of all fibres. Nothing is wasted in the Hemp fibre production process. Requiring no pesticides & little water, Hemp is incredibly versatile, strong & regenerative. Organic cotton is soft, and gives our fabric its delicacy. Per acre, Hemp produces more fibre than cotton, linen, bamboo & even trees. The soil is renewed with each growth cycle, creating a fertile & balanced ecosystem, empowering community & connection.

General care:

Our fabric is delicate and softly woven. Please cold hand wash, to care for your purchase. Sun dry only.