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Magic Mama Blessing Ceremony

The Hemp Temple

A unique ceremony to celebrate you on your journey into mothering your first or second or third babe. 

What is a mother blessing? 

A Blessingway was a ceremony that came from First Nations American Indians. I do not like to call my ceremonies by the same name as I do not come from this lineage. However I do like to mention them in my work as i find it important that other humans on this earth honoured the Mother in her sacred birthing journey as this is not something that is so common in our modern western dominant culture. 

My ceremonies are my own Ritual that is curated for you, and by you alongside me and also in collaboration with your loved ones or close friends. 

I will set up the space and facilitate the ritual aspect and then if there are other offerings your close friends bring we will add them in to the day (e.g belly painting, crafting, bellydancing, creating birth affirmation art)

Together we will invite your nearest and dearest asking them to bring along A blessing for you on your birthing journey. This could be a written blessing, a spoken blessing or something unique they've created for you. I also ask that they bring a bead that hold significance to them or their blessing for your birth and a plate of food to share.

This ceremony is also different to what we see now in the West as a, Baby Shower, as a baby shower is generally to bring gifts for the baby. A mothers blessing is for Mama. You are of course welcome to have a baby shower too however my passion is in Blessing the Mother.

These loved ones who come along will hold you through this journey, through birth and beyond. You can call upon their love and strength during your birthing. 

After the ritual will craft, sing or dance whatever your ceremony is calling for and then of course we will snack on delicious foods and I will bring a raw treat or something savoury and delicious according to your dietry requirments. 


*Please when you fill out the purchase details leave your phone number so I can contact you directly. I cannot wait to be a part of your sacred journey.

Magic Mama Blessing Ceremony
Magic Mama Blessing Ceremony