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The dance of our humanity oscillates between the inner sanctum of sovereignty and the interconnectivity of all things. Both are true and exist within the other. As both the seed and the flower hold the blueprint of evolution, containing its individuated essence and the higher, mystical infinity of the greater workings of creation. Just as anything contained within the earth's atmosphere, the earth's body, is the earth. We are inseparable and yet we are individuated, creative wonders of infinite capacity unto ourselves. 

Understanding sovereignty is to understand the essential nature within every individuals purpose as it is held within the fabric of the universe. That purpose is the reclamation of our true creative capacity, the empowered choice of true free will. That state of being is only obtained through the awareness of the self - a true mirror to the soul existing within the human body. Yet the blocks are multifaceted and beguiling, almost magnetic and completely debilitating and separative in their effect. They are traps within the journey of self knowledge and self awareness as well as the journey of simply following your dreams or having healthy relationships. These are found within certain emotions, states of being, belief systems and patterns of thought. Like much of the power of our world, invisible, difficult to grasp in clarity, therefore difficult to transmute, transform and dissolve. 

Our present landscapes latticed across the globe are movements of revolt and revolution, microcosms of intensity, pulsing and fighting against (yet not with) each other, in one great cacophony of change. Though centred in the uprooting of toxic systems, the uprising breaking through the surface is the effect of what is occurring at an even deeper level. All forms of suppression ultimately have the same source origins. It is both systemic and energetic. We look at systems because they have the greatest impact across the earth and we look at energy because it individuals that create them. An individual is a complex being, made of infinite layers of subtle stories, unconscious beliefs, unique traumas. 

All acts of creation, including the creation of the systems which oppress, began with the heart and mind, the state of being, all the baggage that comprises the individuals who collaborated to create these forms. Each of us comes from a lineage of ancestral trauma, a history of collective trauma and most of us are raised without the love and nurturance we need as a result of that amongst whatever traumatic life experiences we have along the way. We are carriers of conditioning, yet it is not who we truly are.

This awareness is where we need to anchor ourselves and blame has no place here. Not only can it not exist within that awareness, it is dissonant and unhelpful to the vision at hand. The vision is freedom, absolute. A freedom that naturally embodies equality, justice, peace; as those lower forms of conflict become dissolute in the wake of what sovereignty truly means.

As a sensitive species, we are highly susceptible to overwhelm and often shut down, react or run from conflict. Held by the governing force of our bodies, our nervous systems are the language of our limits and capacity to move with, against or recede from the accountability being asked of us as we navigate these waves of change. In the face of so much shifting on the surface of our global culture most people are responding in the habitual fight, flight or freeze. These states of being are the effect of how information is being delivered.  

It comes a necessity to question - not the importance of education and exposure of what is being shared - but rather how we are going about it. What energy and intention are directing those acts held under the umbrella of radical accountability and exposure; what higher vision and outcome is wanting to be obtained? Are these even conscious or are we churning and cycling from one persons unconscious to another's, activating the fear within of wanting to be a 'good person', to be right and correct. Rather than genuinely embodying, integrating and traversing the inner psyche to make real shifts at decolonising and de-conditioning our minds? Being the vessel for change means doing the work. 

To truly make an impact, to unify and empower all beings, to create a world in which there are equal rights and absolute acceptance of all shades of humanity; we need true leaders whose impact is rooted in the intent of dissolving separation rather than creating it. To shift the conditioned consciousness of the masses, we need an understanding of how people learn, how people receive, digest and redistribute information; how they integrate and decisively shift their awareness. Whereby they naturally become living examples, natural teachers, empowering change effectively and lovingly through human connection. This is the goal, collective shifts in consciousness. Only from that ground can systemic change occur and it comes down to one thing - The Heart. 

Any approach to revolution and movements for change that are not centred in love are doomed to fail in their long term vision. That higher vision is a world in which there is no inequality, where judgement and separation have been transmuted into connection and compassion. These states of being are the bedrock for change.

If an act of education is coming from a place of blame, judgement and rage the impact will inevitably be - separation. Every movement that is rooted in an us-against-them attitude, is really the same blueprint of war and conflict, the same arena we have been playing in for eons. That arena is stained with the blood and prayers of our ancestors. That game does not serve anyone and is the very foundation of which systemic oppression is built upon - a hierarchy of righteousness and separation. We need a human movement. A movement for peace that is centred in the heart. A movement of radical, deep, absolute self accountability and responsibility held within empathy and compassion. 

A vision of a world in peace, is a vision in which every single person on the planet is free. That freedom and sovereignty is the battle we see being played out on the world stage at this very moment. The right and freedom of all beings to live on an abundant planet, the rights of the non human world, the rights of Pachamama - to her own body. It is the same battle being played out in the current world arena of disease and separation, everything is centred in the right for freedom of choice, freedom of will, self governance and sovereignty. 

So I'm asking us all, to check ourselves. Before we share information, before we pick up the pen, the phone or open our mouths. What is our intent? 

Separation or connection 

Fear or love

Blame or compassionate accountability.

As we all ebb and flow with the tides of change, levelling up, checking our privilege, sharing information, recycling teachings - what energy is behind what we are sharing, what impact will this information have, where are we speaking from - the head or the heart? 

Humans are not victims - to the system, to their stories, to the familial lines, cultural wombs, the complex layers of conditioning and trauma each individual carries; yet we are each - at effect - of that reality. Justice is retribution and accountability yet it is done so with the knowing of the darkness and shadow within every single human being. For this visceral experience, if we were to truly reflect and know ourselves - becomes compassion. 

To remain victim is to remain disempowered, to remain separate, to remain unaware. Though we carry the unconscious narratives of blame and victimhood, of distrust and separation, of every ‘ism’ we are working to overcome; we must have compassion, we must love each other into awareness, support each other on the path of de-conditioning and healing, of learning and teaching - we must walk each other home.

Eye to eye, hand to hand, heart to heart.

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